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Venture into Studio Venues for a Taste of Redber Coffee

Venture into Studio Venues for a Taste of Redber Coffee

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Studio Venues! 

Providing city centre meeting rooms and conference venues in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Glasgow, Studio Venues hosts event spaces that cater to your all your office needs.

Studio Blend

Focused on putting the customer first, it only makes sense that they’ve opted to offer our coffee across each of their locations. You can taste their specialised ‘Studio Blend’ in their new bean to cup Esprecious machines. It’s a rich and chocolatey combination of dark roasted beans from the nutrient rich soil of Honduras and the farms surrounding the cascading waterfalls of the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Alternatively, if you prefer a lighter coffee, you can find the delicious Brazillian Cachoeira in their Aurora Filters. We roast it to medium-dark, which has hints of caramel and hazelnut.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer accountability and sustainable trading in our partnership with Studio Venues. It’s important to both Redber and Studio Venues that we implement ethical business practices. 

Our Coffee

Our Honduran bean is sourced from a community of cooperatives in the Copán Department. They’re linked with Technoserva, a non-profit organisation that aims to overcome poverty, in this case helping to connect coffee producers with technical resources. 

Our Brazilian Cachoeira can be traced back to the DBarbosa farm, which is owned by Danilo Barbosa, who we directly trade with. First owned by Mr Barbosa’s great-grandfather, Elias Barbosa, DBarbosa has a history of delivering excellent coffee. Mr Barbosa has always cared about the environment and would love to be able to provide 100% sustainable coffee one day.

The advent of this partnership has been all the buzz in the Redber office and roastery. We’re chuffed to learn that Studio Venues are just as hyped as we are. Discussed over our many (many) coffee breaks, it’s an exciting start to 2020!

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