Coffee and Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

By Petra Jones on Jul 07, 2023

The bitterness of coffee is balanced by the sweetness of chocolate, creating a harmonious blend of flavours that dance on your palate. The rich, robust notes of coffee enhance the deep, complex flavours of chocolate, while the caffeine in coffee heightens the sensory experience. This combination stimulates the brain, creating a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

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Guide to Dialling in an Espresso

By Petra Jones on Jul 04, 2023

If you want to enjoy a perfect espresso shot, you need to understand the concepts of dialling in your espresso. This blog post is a comprehensive guide to dialling in an espresso.

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The Story behind the Espresso

By Petra Jones on Dec 23, 2022

Us humans have been drinking coffee since as early as the 15th Century. We now consume an estimated two billion cups of coffee each day, and this number is increasing. How we drink our coffee of course is di...

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