Review of the New Melitta Aroma Fresh II Brew & Grind

By Petra Jones on Jun 01, 2023

As huge coffee lover I'm always looking for the best way (and convenient) to make a delicious cup of coffee. So when we had the chance to try the new Melitta Aroma Fresh II we didn't hesitate.  Melitta Arom...

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A Review of Melitta Amano Pour Over Coffee Maker

By Petra Jones on Nov 15, 2022

The Melitta Amano Brewer Pour Over is an excellent choice for making pour over coffee in an easy and stylish manner. This pour over coffee maker is simple to use and clean, with a sleek and modern design and...

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Melitta Bentz - The Woman That Invented Modern Filter Coffee

By Chris Foulkes on Jul 31, 2017

It was in 1908 that German homemaker Melitta Bentz would make her very first and very simple coffee filtration system, and the Melitta Company would come to life...

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