Exploring the Best Non-Dairy Milk Options for Coffee

By Petra Jones on Aug 22, 2023

Over the past two years, the number of people following a vegan diet has skyrocketed by 500%. A big challenge many vegans face is finding the perfect non-dairy milk to use in their coffee. Fortunately, there...

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The Basics of Milk Texturing

By Petra Jones on Apr 25, 2023

Milk frothing essential to making the perfect cup of speciality coffee. Milk frothing is the process of incorporating air into heated milk to create a thick and creamy foam that can be used to top cappuccino...

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The Ultimate Guide to Milk Frothing Whisks: How to Choose the Best Milk Frother

By Petra Jones on Apr 10, 2023

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of a perfectly frothed milk for our lattes, cappuccinos, or hot chocolates. Investing in a milk frothing whisk can make a world of difference in the quality of our...

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