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Guatemala Antigua

This month, we are excited to feature Guatemala Antigua as our Coffee of the Month. Not only does it have a rich and indulgent flavour profile, but it also comes from a cooperative that focuses on sustainability and supporting local growers.

The cup is sweet with fruity aroma, a smooth body, and a subtle acidity with hints of hazelnut. It is a pleasant and flavourful choice for any brewing method.

The cup is sweet with fruity aroma, a smooth body, and a subtle acidity with hints of hazelnut. It is a pleasant and flavourful choice for any brewing method.



We are a family-run business, dedicated to providing you with the finest coffee beans on the market. Our beans are locally roasted in small batches to ensure that you get the freshest and most delicious cup of coffee every time.

We believe that our customers deserve the best and that’s why we take the time to hand-select and roast each batch. Our commitment to quality and flavor means that our coffee beans are always of the highest standard.

We are passionate about our craft and take great pride in providing you with a unique and delicious cup of coffee. Stop by today and try one of our freshly-roasted brews. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


What is Filter Grind for Coffee?

By Graham Jones on Feb 29, 2024

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How to Fine-Tune Your Coffee Grind with Baratza ESP

By Petra Jones on Feb 20, 2024

As avid coffee lovers, we can all agree that the secret to a perfect cup of coffee is largely in the grind. With the right grind size, coffee flavours and aromas are accurately extracted, resulting in a delicious cup of coffee. For many of us, there is an ultimate grinder that perfectly accomplishes this task - the Baratza ESP coffee grinder. 

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee Beans in the UK: 2024 Edition

By Andrea Agostini on Feb 14, 2024

Embark on a gourmet journey with our comprehensive 2024 guide to the UK's most exceptional coffee beans. This essential read takes you through the nuanced art of selecting beans that resonate with both the palate and the principles of sustainability. From the aromatic heights of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to the robust depths of Brazilian Santos, we cover the beans that define the coffee landscape. We also spotlight the craftsmanship of leading local roasters like Redber Coffee, whose dedication to quality ensures your espresso is a luxurious ritual of taste and aroma.

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