Why Does Your Coffee Taste Bitter & How to Fix It

By Alex Wardle on May 10, 2024

Banish Bitter Coffee! Brewing a Delicious Cup Every Time Ah, coffee. That invigorating aroma, the satisfying warmth, the delicious taste – a true cornerstone of many a ...

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The Perfect Italian Espresso: Beans, Roasts, and Rituals

By Andrea Agostini on May 07, 2024

Ah, espresso. It has a deep, inviting smell and a creamy top that promises rich flavours. It wakes you up with a strong boost of energy. But espresso is more than just ...

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What is the correct temperature for brewing coffee?

By Alex Wardle on May 03, 2024

Ever wondered why your coffee sometimes tastes bitter or weak? It might have to do with the temperature! This blog dives deep into the science of brewing coffee temperature, explaining how it affects flavor extraction. We explore the recommended range (195°F-205°F) and offer insights on adjusting it for different roasts (light vs. dark) and brewing methods (pour-over vs. French press). For coffee enthusiasts seeking to elevate their brewing game, the importance of a gooseneck kettle is highlighted. By mastering temperature control, you can unlock a world of delicious flavor in your daily cup of coffee. So, ditch the guesswork and start brewing like a pro!

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How to Brew Cold Coffee vs Iced Coffee

By Alex Wardle on May 02, 2024

In this comprehensive guide, we've explored the differences between cold coffee and iced coffee brewing techniques, offering expert insights from Redber Coffee. Cold brewing yields a smooth, mellow flavour over 12-24 hours, while iced coffee, brewed with hot water, provides a quicker alternative. With step-by-step instructions and helpful tips, coffee enthusiasts can elevate their summer caffeine experience and master the art of crafting both cold and iced coffee with finesse.

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How to get the most out of your Moccamaster filter coffee machine

By Alex Wardle on May 01, 2024

This guide unlocks the secrets to brewing exceptional coffee with your Moccamaster. It emphasizes the importance of three key elements: medium-coarse grind size, filtered water, and fresh coffee beans.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee Beans in the UK: 2024 Edition

By Alex Wardle on Apr 30, 2024

Discover the Best Coffee Beans UK 2024: London's vibrant cafés, Cotswold retreats, and innovative roasteries. This guide unveils the nation's top  beans  for home baris...

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The Best Coffee Machine for Home 2024

By Alex Wardle on Apr 25, 2024

Brewing Bliss: The Best Coffee Machine for Home in 2024 Ah, the humble cup of coffee. It's the fuel for our mornings, the comfort in our afternoons, and the social lubr...

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Kyoto-Style Slow Coffee Cold Brew Method

By Alex Wardle on Apr 15, 2024

Unveiling the Kyoto Chill: A Redber Coffee Guide to Slow Coffee Cold Brew Unwind and savour the exquisite taste of Kyoto-style slow coffee.  Here at Redber Coffee, we'r...

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Exploring the Roast Curve: Art Meets Precision in Roasting

By Alex Wardle on Apr 11, 2024

Redber Coffee Roasters simplifies the world of roast curves with answers to frequently asked questions. Learn common mistakes beginners make and how to interpret roast curves for perfect flavor. Explore online resources, workshops, and connect with other coffee enthusiasts. Roast profiles are adjusted for your preference, from bright and acidic to full-bodied and caramelly. Achieve café-quality roasts at home with practice and the right equipment. Finally, Redber offers high-quality beans to fuel your roasting journey.

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The Art of Slow Coffee

By Petra Jones on Apr 07, 2024

Slow coffee is more than just a method; it's an experience that emphasises manual brewing techniques, allowing you total control over the brewing variables. Slow coffee...

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How Filter Paper Influences Your Coffee Extraction

By Petra Jones on Mar 20, 2024

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, every detail matters. From the grind size to the water temperature, each element plays a crucial role in the final flavour of your coffee. One often-overlooked component is the filter paper used in your coffee maker. But how exactly does filter paper influence your coffee extraction?

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Ocean Bottle: Leading the Charge in the Battle Against Plastic Pollution

By Petra Jones on Mar 06, 2024

In today's environmentally conscious society, Ocean Bottle stands as a shining example of innovation and hope. Launched in 2018, this visionary social impact company has set its sights on a monumental missio...

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What is Filter Grind for Coffee?

By Graham Jones on Feb 29, 2024

Filter grind refers to the consistency of coffee grounds optimized for use in filter brewing methods. This encompasses a broad spectrum of devices from the classic drip coffee maker to pour-overs and the Aeropress. The grind size for these methods is typically medium, resembling coarse sand. This size ensures that hot water can properly extract the coffee's flavours and aromas without passing through too quickly, as it might with a finer grind, or too slowly, as with a coarser grind.

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How to Fine-Tune Your Coffee Grind with Baratza ESP

By Petra Jones on Feb 20, 2024

As avid coffee lovers, we can all agree that the secret to a perfect cup of coffee is largely in the grind. With the right grind size, coffee flavours and aromas are accurately extracted, resulting in a delicious cup of coffee. For many of us, there is an ultimate grinder that perfectly accomplishes this task - the Baratza ESP coffee grinder. 

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The Best Valentine Gifts for Coffee Lover

By Petra Jones on Feb 06, 2024

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if your loved one is a coffee enthusiast, you're in luck! We've curated a list of the best Valentine gifts for coffee lov...

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Exploring Baratza Grinders: Which One is Right for You?

By Graham Jones on Jan 28, 2024

Choosing the right coffee grinder can significantly impact the quality of your coffee. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best for you. Baratza, a company dedic...

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Tips for Making a Better Cafetiere Coffee at Home

By Petra Jones on Jan 14, 2024

Making a great cup of coffee with a cafetiere can be tricky especially if you are new to the world of coffee. But don't worry, with a few tips and tricks, you can make a delicious cup of coffee every time.

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Top 5 Coffees to Try If you Love Cappuccinos & Lattes

By Petra Jones on Jan 02, 2024

When selecting the best coffee beans for cappuccinos and lattes, it's essential to choose beans that are medium-bodied and have a balanced flavour profile. Some of the our most popular coffee beans for cappu...

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Coffee Of The Month January 2024 - Kenya Bora

By Petra Jones on Jan 01, 2024

Grown at high altitudes, between 1500-1700 meters above sea level, the coffee beans benefit from the perfect combination of rich volcanic soil, ideal climate, and skilled farmers. The coffee is made of varie...

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Introducing Yes! Definitely Bottled Water with Breath-taking Illustrations from Independent Artists

By Petra Jones on Dec 05, 2023

Yes! Definitely, the bottled water brand that is making a difference in South Africa, is now making its big debut in the UK. And it's not just any ordinary bottled water - each bottle is a work of art, showc...

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Best Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers

By Petra Jones on Nov 16, 2023

If you have a tea lover in your life and you're looking for the perfect gift, look no further. We've curated a list of the best tea gifts that are sure to delight any tea enthusiast.

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35 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

By Petra Jones on Nov 05, 2023

If you know someone who can't start their day without a cup of coffee, you can surprise them with the perfect gift. Whether they prefer iced coffee, espresso, or a filter coffee, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation for their caffeine addiction. From flavorful grounds and beans to coffee subscription and gift sets, and coffee accessories like mugs, grinders, and coffee storage canisters, we've rounded up the best gifts for coffee lovers to make their morning cup even more enjoyable.

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Rethinking Lifestyle with KINTO: A Celebration of Usability and Aesthetic Balance

By Petra Jones on Oct 30, 2023

In 1972, a small Japanese company named KINTO embarked on a journey that would ultimately transform the way people perceive and interact with everyday objects. Founded as a wholesaler of tableware in Shiga, ...

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Exploring the Rich History and Unique Flavour Profile of Old Brown Java Coffee Beans

By Graham Jones on Oct 16, 2023

When coffee connoisseurs talk about Old Brown Java (OBJ) coffee beans, they often refer to the mysterious, musky flavour that comes from the coffee beans’ long and unusual history. Hailing from Indonesia, OBJ coffee beans were once the preserve of a select few, and were only available to the most discerning of coffee drinkers.

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Coffee of The Month October 2023 - Panama Hortigal

By George Sims on Oct 01, 2023

Your Coffee of the Month this October is Hortigal from a single estate in the region of Boquete in Panama. This is a unique speciality coffee with attributes such as brown sugar, citrus, milk chocolate and g...

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What is Low Acidity Coffee?

By Petra Jones on Sep 20, 2023

Low acidity coffee refers to coffee that has a higher pH level, resulting in a smoother and less bitter taste. The acidity in coffee comes from organic acids that are naturally present in the beans. These ac...

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The History of Coffee in Yemen

By Petra Jones on Sep 12, 2023

The history of coffee in Yemen goes back centuries and is still being celebrated today. It is believed that coffee first came to Yemen from the Ethiopian highlands in the 15th century. By the late 1700s, the...

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Reboot Your Morning Routine: 10 Coffee Products to Try

By Petra Jones on Sep 06, 2023

After a long and (hopefully) restful summer season, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. To jumpstart your morning routine, here are 10 coffee products worth investing in.

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Coffee of The Month September 2023 - Ethiopia Djimmah

By Petra Jones on Sep 01, 2023

September brings the taste of Ethiopia with our Coffee of the Month– Natural Djimmah! This coffee comes from the famous Djimmah area in Ethiopia, which is renowned for its beautiful and flavourful Arabica va...

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How To Look After Coffee Bean Grinder

By Petra Jones on Aug 23, 2023

Whether you have a manual or electric grinder, knowing how to properly clean and maintain it is essential for preserving the quality of your coffee. By following a few simple steps and incorporating best practices into your routine, you can continue to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time.

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Exploring the Best Non-Dairy Milk Options for Coffee

By Petra Jones on Aug 22, 2023

Over the past two years, the number of people following a vegan diet has skyrocketed by 500%. A big challenge many vegans face is finding the perfect non-dairy milk to use in their coffee. Fortunately, there...

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The Best Coffee Beans for Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

By Petra Jones on Aug 08, 2023

If you're looking for great-tasting coffee beans for your bean to cup machine, here are the top 5 coffees we recommend. 

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Making a Difference in the Community: Redber's Donation to Fetcham Freebay

By Petra Jones on Aug 02, 2023

At Redber, we are committed to making a difference for those in need. Recently, we had the opportunity to do just that. We donated some boxes of loaves to an organisation called Fetcham Freebay. We met with its founder Paul Barker who quickly put together a plan to distribute the loaves to those who need it in the local area around Fetcham.

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Coffee of the Month August 2023 - El Salvador Diamante

By Petra Jones on Aug 01, 2023

Introducing El Salvador Diamante, our featured coffee of the month for August. El Salvador Diamante has a rich body with notes of chocolate and orange. This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a bold and flavourful cup of coffee. Enjoy it as an espresso or as a pour over.

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The Best Coffee Beans for Filter Coffee Machine

By Petra Jones on Jul 26, 2023

What is Filter Coffee? Filter coffee is a type of coffee brewed by pouring hot water over ground coffee beans that have been placed in a paper filter, metal...

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Beat the Heat with Simply Syrups: 5 Refreshing Summer Recipes

By Petra Jones on Jul 11, 2023

Whether you're hosting a barbecue or lounging in the garden, these 5 refreshing summer recipes using Simply Syrups from IBC will elevate your taste buds and keep you cool and refreshed! Try Iced Pistachio Latte, Watermelon Iced Green Tea, Iced Coconut Mocha, Red Velvet Cake Frappe & Tropical Crème Frappe.

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Coffee and Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

By Petra Jones on Jul 07, 2023

The bitterness of coffee is balanced by the sweetness of chocolate, creating a harmonious blend of flavours that dance on your palate. The rich, robust notes of coffee enhance the deep, complex flavours of chocolate, while the caffeine in coffee heightens the sensory experience. This combination stimulates the brain, creating a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

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GUEST FEATURE FROM BARISTA & Co.: Coffee as an Art Form: Exploring Latte Art and Coffee Creativity

By Petra Jones on Jul 05, 2023

Coffee, the enchanting elixir that awakens our senses, has transcended its humble origins to become a vibrant canvas for artistic expression. It is no longer just a morning ritual but a delightful playground...

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Guide to Dialling in an Espresso

By Petra Jones on Jul 04, 2023

If you want to enjoy a perfect espresso shot, you need to understand the concepts of dialling in your espresso. This blog post is a comprehensive guide to dialling in an espresso.

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Coffee of the Month July 2023 - The Dark Italian Blend

By Petra Jones on Jul 02, 2023

We're excited to introduce our Coffee of the Month for July - The Dark Italian Blend! It's a rich coffee and sweet with nutty and chocolatey notes. The Dark Italian coffee blend is perfect for all brewing me...

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What is Strictly High Grown (SHG) Coffee and Why is it Special?

By Petra Jones on Jun 29, 2023

Strictly High Grown, often abbreviated as SHG, is a highly sought-after, specialty-grade quality of coffee beans used to make an exquisite cup of coffee. The precise farming practices used, as well as the unique combination of altitude, soil composition, and climate make SHG some of the most flavoursome and aromatic coffee beans.

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Maximising Flavour: Finding the Optimal Bean-to-Water Ratio for Your Coffee

By Graham Jones on Jun 26, 2023

Whether you're a casual coffee drinker or a passionate aficionado, understanding the ratio between coffee and water can revolutionise your morning routine. But how do you achieve that perfect balance? This article will guide you through the intricacies of maximising flavour by uncovering the science behind the bean-to-water ratio. 

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Introducing Sophie Allport – An Exquisite New Brand at Redber Coffee!

By Petra Jones on Jun 21, 2023

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying Sophie Allport—an exclusive British brand of stunning homeware, accessories, and gifts. Featuring beautifully illustrated designs of nature-inspired motifs, the Sophie Allport line is an eye-catching addition to any home.

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Why frank green is the Go-To Brand for Stylish and Sustainable Drinkware

By Petra Jones on Jun 20, 2023

When it comes to combining style and sustainability, frank green is the go-to brand. Their products are not only visually appealing but also functional and durable. frank green understands that style is subj...

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Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Grinder

By Petra Jones on Jun 20, 2023

A good coffee grinder is the unsung hero behind a delicious cup of coffee. Sometimes people underestimate the importance of a coffee grinder and end up being frustrated with their coffee machine or even the ...

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Accessories & Cleaning products for Chilly's Water Bottles

By Petra Jones on Jun 19, 2023

To enhance your Chilly's Bottle experience, there are several additional accessories available. From bottle brushes for easy cleaning to carabiner clips for convenient carrying, these accessories are designe...

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Benefits of using Chilly's Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

By Petra Jones on Jun 19, 2023

When it comes to staying cool and hydrated, Chilly's Bottles offer numerous benefits that make them a cut above the rest. Firstly, their advanced double-walled vacuum insulation technology ensures that your ...

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Coffee Culture Around the Globe: A Tour of Unique Brews and Traditions

By Petra Jones on Jun 10, 2023

Coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up – it's a cultural experience. From the bustling cafes of Italy to the street-side vendors of Vietnam, every country has its own unique take on this beloved bever...

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