Introducing the Melitta EPOS: Melitta's Electric Pour Over System

By Chris Foulkes on Feb 26, 2021

Introducing the first ever electric pour over system  -  The Melitta EPOS.  Pour over coffee has never before been so innovative and modern! Turning every second of brewing into an exciting experience, the E...

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How to Choose the Best Coffee Filter Paper & Filter Machine

By Graham Jones on Feb 04, 2021

When it comes to buying Coffee Paper Filters the choice of different shapes, sizes and materials can leave us confused and frustrated. Whether you need bleached or unbleached, flat bottomed or v-shaped, this guide will help you to find the right one for you.

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Cafetiere Brewing Guide

By Sadie Taylor on Apr 04, 2019

A video tutorial on how to use cafetiere.

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Stove Top & Moka Pot Brewing Guide

By Sadie Taylor on Mar 19, 2019

Stove-top coffee makers and moka pots push hot water through the coffee grounds under steam pressure - they have the ability to create a brew extremely similar to espresso.

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AeroPress Brewing Guide

By Sadie Taylor on Feb 05, 2019

The AeroPress is an innovative product for making a perfect coffee every time. Follow our easy guide on how to use an Aeropress.

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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Brewing Guide

By Sadie Taylor on Feb 05, 2019

The Hario V60 coffee dripper is an extremely innovative little device - A simple yet pleasantly effective way to make a gorgeous cup of coffee!

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Chemex Brewing Guide

By Sadie Taylor on Jan 10, 2019

In this blog we will be looking at how to brew using a Chemex to ensure delicious coffee every time!

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Clever Dripper Brewing Guide

By Petra Jones on Mar 22, 2018

The Clever Dripper has become a very popular brewer among the coffee enthusiasts. Its design eliminates drawbacks of two very popular brewers - the French Press (cafeitere) and the Pour-over and makes consistently a great cup of coffee!

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Melitta Filter Coffee Machines

By Matt Thorpe on Jan 22, 2016

There is something about the traditional filter coffee machine, with a big, hot pot of coffee sitting there ready to be drunk that really appeals to me. It may just be the sheer quantity: I'm definitely one for a free refill, but I love the look, and there is something unique about a  shared batch of coffee for everyone that gets missed with other methods. 

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