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Cafetiere Brewing Guide

Cafetiere Brewing Guide

A Quick and Easy Guide on How to Use a Cafetiere / French Press - Perfect for Brewing our freshly roasted coffee at home!

You will need:

Cafetiere Ground Coffee - In this Video we are using our Colombia Los Olivos:

Water just off the Boil at 95 degrees

A Cafetiere - In this Video we are using an 8-Cup Bodum Cafetiere:

A Cup


Boil your kettle and let us rest for a minute so that the water is just off boiling

Scoop around 7g or 1tbsp per cup into your cafetiere - so around 7/8 tbsp for an 8-cup cafetiere, 6 tbsp for a 6-cup cafetiere etc.

Pour water over to cover the grinds

Give it a stir to agitate the coffee and to aid brewing

Pour the remaining water in to the top line of the cafetiere

Let it brew for 4 minutes

At 4 minutes slowly plunge

Then Serve and enjoy!

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