About Us

Our passion for coffee was based on discovering the amazing and wide selection of origin coffees out there.
All with wonderfully different tastes, flavours and uses for different occasions.
Redber was founded by ourselves in 2012 with aim to share this large variety of fresh roasted coffees with everyone, much like a ‘sweetshop’ does. And so, we began the journey of discovery (which will never end), experiencing and experimenting with various coffees, grinds and brewing methods.
In early 2012 we took ourselves on a roasting course, after which we immediately set off to purchase a small 2kg batch roaster and our first 10 sacks of different coffees. Our coffee offering has now grown to about 35 different origin coffees.

We started our roastery in a small workshop unit in the village of Merrow on the outskirts of Guildford. It’s here that we continued to grow for the next four years - perfecting our roasts, growing our collection of single origin coffees and investing in another roasters. Since then we have moved to a larger unit next door and purchased another two roasters, one being a large roaster as the demand for the regular favourites has increased.

We have gathered amazing team, all bringing different knowledge and skills to our coffee roasting business. Tom is an expert when it comes to brewing, tasting and grinding. He has a wide knowledge and always finds great suggestions for our customers. Chris has taken an artisan approach to roasting. He is also a great barista, impressing us with his latte art on daily basis. Talia has a great eye for any aspects of design and is also in charge of all social media. Debra, busy mom of three, lovingly packs your packages. Heidi, also a barista, takes care of order processing and is keen on learning how to roast. Simon looks after our accounts and ads and subtracts things for us at the end of each month. If you are interested in visiting us in Merrow, you are very welcome. You’ll be warmly greeted by the aroma of freshly roasted coffees.