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Introducing the Melitta EPOS: Melitta's Electric Pour Over System

Introducing the Melitta EPOS: Melitta's Electric Pour Over System

Introducing the first ever electric pour over system  -  The Melitta EPOS.  Pour over coffee has never before been so innovative and modern! Turning every second of brewing into an exciting experience, the EPOS  


Melitta EPOS -
Coffee Used: Brazil Macaubas, Medium-Dark -

- 360° Rotating Water Spout
- Removable Water Tank
- Pre-Brew Function
- Integrated Coffee Grinder
- 3 Grind Settings
- Easy to Use Touch Panel
- Removable Filter Holder
- Hot Plate
- Borosilicate Glass Jug

How to Use
1. Remove the bean container lid and fill the bean container with whole roasted beans, then replace the lid. The full bean container can make eight cups of coffee two to three times.

2. Fill the water tank. The removable tank can be filled directly at the tap. Alternatively use the glass jug to pour the water into the tank in the appliance. The required amount of water can be seen on the water
level indicator on the tank.

3. Remove the filter holder horizontally from its holder and insert the coffee filter. For good flavour and the best fit in the filter holder, we recommend using Melitta® coffee filters.

4. Place the filter holder with coffee filter on the left of the housing recess under the grinder.

5. Activate the grinder with a long press on the GRIND button. The LED indicator for the GRIND button will start flashing rapidly. Set the required amount of coffee by briefly pressing the cup selection button. Each time you press the button, the corresponding LED display changes to the next number of cups. Setting the grinding time indirectly sets the grinder for the
required quantity of coffee.

6. Ensure that the number of cups you select matches the amount of water in the water tank. Please note that all the water from the water tank is used to make the coffee. If the number of cups and the amount of water do not match, this can lead to the coffee not being the way you want it.

7. The strength can also be varied individually for each
number of cups. Briefly press the coffee strength button (bean icon button) to change the corresponding LED display. The display shows 1 for mild, 2 for ideal and 3 for strong. The grind time is changed accordingly.

8. With the slider on the upper grinder housing you can set the desired grind degree for the coffee. The slider has three settings for fine, medium and coarse. Intermediate positions can also be selected. After setting this, start the grinding process by briefly pressing the GRIND button. The GRIND button starts flashing slowly. If the bean container is not inserted correctly, a short warning tone sounds three times.

9. The grinder grinds the set quantity of coffee directly into the filter holder and switches off automatically when it has ground the required quantity.

10. Remove the filter holder from the appliance and level the ground coffee in the filter by shaking the filter holder slightly.

11. Insert the filter holder back onto the upper appliance holder. Make sure that it clicks audibly into place.

12. After the grinder switches off, the brewing mode is activated. The BREW LED starts flashing quickly. For perfect coffee we recommend pre-brewing the coffee. Briefly press the PRE-BREW button before starting brewing to activate this setting for the next coffee preparation. The PRE-BREW button lights up continuously and at the beginning of brewing the water supply is briefly stopped after the coffee has been moistened. Pressing the button again deactivates pre-brewing. The last setting is saved for the next coffee preparation.

13. Start making coffee by briefly pressing the BREW button. The BREW button starts flashing slowly. If the appliance beeps three times during this process, there is no water in the water tank.

14. During brewing, the water is heated and flows through the rotating spout onto the ground coffee. The appliance stores different brewing profiles depending on the number of cups selected. The ground coffee
is evenly moistened by different rotations for each brewing profile.

15. The end of the brewing process is indicated acoustically by a short signal tone. The BREW button now lights up continuously, indicating the warm-keeping phase.

16. The hot plate keeps the coffee hot and then switches off automatically after 40 minutes to avoid unnecessary power consumption. Of course you
can also switch off the device manually at any time by pressing the BREW button for longer than 1 sec.

17. The drip stop prevents coffee dripping when you remove the jug from the machine. By removing the filter holder the coffee filter can be
disposed of easily.

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