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Coffee Brewing Kits & Bundles

Coffee Brewing Kits & Bundles

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Redber has a mission to help all lovers of coffee to navigate their coffee journey as smoothly as possible. As part of this commitment, we’ve produced a collection of home coffee making kits. Each kit contains everything you’ll need to brew your perfect cup of fresh coffee in your kitchen. These coffee making kits also make the perfect coffee gift for someone you know who loves and appreciates quality coffee.

Each coffee kit contains a coffee dripper or coffee maker, coffee filter papers and a 250g bag of freshly roasted coffee, single origin or blend. The Redber team pick and roast on dispatch day and ground to filter grind (if you prefer beans not ground, please leave a note on the checkout page).

Check out these two coffee kits from the Redber starter coffee kit range: Hario Red V60 02 (2 Cups) Coffee Starter Kit or the Chemex Pourover Starter Kit.  

For tips on brewing check out our Brewing Guides
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