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The Benefits of Great Office Coffee

The Benefits of Great Office Coffee

Do you ever find that the only thing getting you through a tough day at the office is the inevitable coffee break? This is the perfect time to unwind and catch-up with a colleague or refresh your mind. In this blog we will go through some of the benefits of having great coffee in the office and why investing in a top quality coffee machine alongside fresh coffee can really get you through even the hardest of Monday mornings.


Our top 5 benefits of having great coffee in the office...


Productivity levels

Help your employees or colleagues fight off feeling tired and sluggish with a little help from caffeine. This will keep them awake and alert throughout the day, motivated to finish whatever is on their agenda – and keeping them chirpy whilst getting the job done!


Team Bonding

If you have yet to invest in an office coffee machine, what is stopping you? What better excuse to get to know a colleague than over a cup of coffee. Having a coffee machine in the office creates a spot for people to congregate, and you could end up getting to know a co-worker who you may not even cross paths with on a regular day. It is a fantastic way to bring people together and improve the atmosphere at work.


Health Benefits

Not only will coffee keep you up and lift your mood, but the health benefits that come with it are another thing to add. Recent studies have found that coffee lowers the risk of several cancers, as well as type 2 diabetes, gallstones and gout. There also seemed to be beneficial associations between coffee consumption and Parkinson's disease, depression and Alzheimer's disease. Something to note to the health conscious in the office.


Value for Money

High street coffee shops such as Starbucks and Costa can cost you on average around £6.30 per day for 3 cups of coffee. Here at Redber we offer such a wide range of Filter Machines and Bean to Cup machines to cater to any sized office, which will bring the coffee shop experience straight to the office without spending extortionate amounts of money each day.


Inviting for Visitors

A great first impression for someone visiting your company would be a delicious hot beverage on arrival. Providing a visitor with unlimited amounts of this is a must for making them feel valued and making their visit enjoyable.


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