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Coffee of the Month April 2018 - Sweet Shop Blend

Coffee of the Month April 2018 - Sweet Shop Blend

Chris Foulkes |

Do you remember that feeling you had as a child when passing a sweet shop, looking through the window and seeing this immense selection of sweets and treats! That rare occasion in which you were allowed to run riot around these shops and fill your bag with your personal favourite goodies! It was so exciting! However, now you may find that your tastes have grown away from these sugary treats and the excitement of the sweet shop has faded.

Well we wanted this feeling back! We have spent years building our collection of flavours from around the world essentially trying to replicate this childhood sweet shop feeling which you may so long for. Our aim was to make our sweet shop equivalent for coffee! And we even fill the bag for you!

Here at Redber we have never found a single coffee that has pleased everyone fully. Every person has unique tastes and enjoys different flavours.

That’s why we have always tried to offer such a wide range of over 40 different Single origins and blends.  
We are passionate about this coffee Sweet shop we have created and to celebrate this we created our SWEET SHOP Blend!

We combined flavours of milk chocolate and cherry from Guatemala with sweet, bright and fruity flavours from Ethiopia and Kenya. This is roasted to a Medium-dark to ensure that the flavours are presented in a stunning way and you are left with a perfect balance of sweetness and depth making this coffee ideal for every brew type from filter coffee to an espresso!

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