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How to Use the Sage Barista Touch Coffee Machine & Our 3 Top Tips

How to Use the Sage Barista Touch Coffee Machine & Our 3 Top Tips

Sadie Taylor |

Check out our quick and easy guide on how to use The Sage Barista Touch Coffee Machine. Get Barista-quality performance with an intuitive touch screen display, pre-programmed cafe-style drinks, a built-in grinder and automatic milk steaming. This machine is semi-automatic, and involves manual tamping. We will talk through a basic how to, starting with how to make a latte. We then have 3 top tips for getting the best out of your machine!

You will receive a user manual with your machine - please go through all instructions before first use and become familiar with all aspects of the machine. Below is a diagram talking through all of the components to the Sage Barista Touch:

How to Use

1. To get started - fill your bean hopper with freshly roasted coffee beans. Then remove the water tank situated at the back of machine and fill up to the max amount.

2. Select your desires drink from the touch screen display, and follow instructions on screen. In this video we have selected the popular choice of a latte. A latte consists of an espresso base, with steamed milk on top (this gives you a chance to also practice your latte art!)

3. Place your empty portafilter into the hands-free grinding cradle. Then press "grind" this will grind your coffee beans directly into the portafilter for you, for your desired length of time selected on the screen. If you feel it may be overflowing with coffee grinds, you can press the "grind" button again to manually stop this.

4. Then remove your tamper, this is magnetically attached to the machine as per the diagram above. Hold the portafilter and tamp (press) the coffee down using the tamper. This will create a flat puck shape of coffee inside.

5. Insert and twist the portafilter into the group head, and place your cup/mug underneath. Then press "brew". For lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos , this will make an espresso base for you. For an americano this will firstly pour hot water into your mug, and will then brew the espresso on top.

6. Milk - fill your milk jug to your desired level. The place this under the milk steaming wand and select the "milk" button. The great feature of this machine 

 7. Pour your milk into your glass, on top of your espresso. For a latte you want to pour this in slowly in a circular motion.


3 Top Tips

1. Pre-heat 

To make the perfect espresso-based drink your machine needs to be pre-heated. As the Sage coffee machines start up so quickly they may not be as hot as you would like to start making your drinks. Warming your components up first will aid brewing to create a better pour. We suggested running hot water through your portafilter to do this.

2. Familiarise with Grind Settings

On the left hand side of the machine is the grind size selector, which is a dial you can turn between the most fine and the most coarse grind settings. If you feel that your coffee pour is too quick and needs to be slower, you can try adjusting the grind to a finer setting. If you find that your pour is too slow and needs to be quicker, then you can adjust to a coarser grind.

3. Always Use Fresh Beans

It is essential to use freshly roasted coffee beans with your Sage Barista Touch. Luckily, all coffees at Redber are fresh and roasted to order - so you will not have this issue with any of our coffees. It really makes a world of a difference in comparison - if you wanted to try an experiment you can compare the difference between fresh beans and any supermarket beans (these would have been stored for months on end).