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The Batty Coffee Craze We’re Not Quite Embracing

The Batty Coffee Craze We’re Not Quite Embracing

Ever sipped your coffee, paused to enjoy the brew, and thought: you know what would make this better? If the beans had been covered in bat spit.

No? Strangely enough, not us either. However, the latest craze in speciality coffee is a Bourbon variety bean that is nibbled on by bats. They lick away the cherry skin and leave behind the seed. Apparently, it has a uniquely smooth flavour and an unforgettable taste.

This coffee originates in Madagascar’s Itasy province and sells for £84.17 per pound. Would you pay that much for the privilege of bat spit coffee?

The processing method ensures that this coffee is hygienic, but I have to admit I’m discouraged by the concept. It’s nearly as off-putting an idea as the infamous coffee made from beans rescued from civet (cat) poop, another wild trend a few years back.

With the latest epidemic originating in bats before it jumped to humans, I can confidently say I’ll be avoiding these particular coffees. I’ll stick to something a bit more like our Coffee of the Month from Costa Rica. No bat spit involved!

Have you ever tried anything like this? Were you a fan, or are they just a fad? Let us know!

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