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Come In, Say Hello, Make a Friend

Come In, Say Hello, Make a Friend

Jenny Brabin |

Today is Make a Friend Day. Do something nice for a stranger or simply smile at the colleague who’s name you never learned. A little happiness can go a long way!

We’re inviting you to come into Redber’s Cafe and have a chat with the barista, Magdalena, or pop into our Roastery and have a gossip with us about which of our coffees are your favourite! We’re always happy to see friendly faces and it can’t be surprising that we’ll chat about coffee all day long.

Friends are important to living a healthy and fulfilling life. They keep you motivated, keep you happy, keep you challenged, and keep you laughing. A stress-free life is impossible without a friend to remind you to relax, sit down, and have a cuppa.

In a world of nearly eight billion people, don’t isolate yourself. Reach out to an old friend or make a new one. Social media allows us to constantly interact with anonymous strangers on the internet as much as it allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones. Take a chance, say hello.

You might find that the person you speak with is looking to make a friend too.

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