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Coffee of the Month – Costa Rica Amapola

Coffee of the Month – Costa Rica Amapola

Your Coffee of the Month this February is Costa Rica Amapola. The coffee grows among the Cordilla Talamanca mountain range, which lies in the south west of Costa Rica.

The unique combination of fertile soil, Pacific Ocean climate, and high altitudes of the Talamanca give Amapola its distinct flavour. Consistently pleasant flavours of almond and soft spices are found on the first sip. They pair with an intense floral aroma and creamy body to make an inviting and smooth cup.

Costa Rica Volcano

Costa Rica Amapola is a regional blend from a small group of micro-lot farmers who offer their lots to a local mill. This ensures a great consistency of flavour and yield, year upon year. As a result, the farmers earn a good percentage of profit for their coffee and can continue improving their livelihood.

Every customer who purchases some Costa Rica Amapola is automatically entered into a prize draw to win a free three month subscription of 250g of a coffee of your choice.

About Costa Rica Amapola

Don Roberto’s farm began to grow coffee in 1928 under the management of siblings Manuel and Romelia Rojas. It was at the forefront of coffee growing in the region. Many of the local farmers experienced the individuality of the cup and changed their crops from sugar. The region famous for producing speciality coffee. Don Roberto bought the farm, as he fell in love with the pure air, crystal waters, and breath-taking slopes of San Marcos de Tarrazu. Because of this, he pioneered the further growth of the region’s coffee production and even donated some of his farm to locals. Costa Rica Amapola is now a speciality coffee and claims high cupping scores of 84+ regularly.

About the Region

Costa Rica is touted as the most eco-friendly country on the planet. Since 2015, it has run on 95% renewable energy sources and has vowed to reach 100% by 2021. Not only that, but the country committed to a huge reforestation effort. They plant more than two million trees per year in order to offset any carbon emissions. It is home to a great amount of biodiversity and financially rewards any business that positively contributes to the sanctuary of the wildlife and environment in the country! In essence, by buying this coffee, you’re having a positive impact upon the environment.


Flavours: Almond, Caramel, Floral, Soft Spices

Aroma: Floral, Tea-like

Body: Creamy

Acidity: Pronounced lemon citrus

Roast Profiles

Medium-Dark: This profile gives a tea-like cup with hints of almond and cloves. It finishes with light floral notes and a burst of lemon.

Dark: The slightly heavier roast really develops the flavours of caramel and almond. It allows the cup to become heavier, with more rounded smooth flavours and more body. Hints of burnt sugar caramel and deeper spices are perfect black. They also pair well with milk to round off into sweet almond.

Quick-Fire Facts

Origin: San Marcos de Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Farm: Don Roberto

Altitude: 1350 m.a.s.l

Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Processed Method: Fully washed and drum dried

Cordilla Talamanca
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