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New Kid On The Block - Panama Boquete Casa Ruiz

New Kid On The Block - Panama Boquete Casa Ruiz

The latest coffee to add to our ever-growing collection is the new Panama Casa Ruiz – roasted in both Medium Dark and Dark to get the best of this bean.

Although new to Redber the Ruiz family has been growing and processing some of the best coffee in Panama for almost one hundred years – a tale of exceptional experience and passion, resulting in incredible flavour and quality coffee.

Panama Coffee Estate

Coffee estate in Boquete

Today, brother and sister Maria and Plinio Ruiz oversee the family business in beautiful Boquete (pronounced “bow-keh-tay”); nestled in the green highlands of western Panama, in the fertile province of Chiriquí. Like their predecessors, Maria and Plinio are passionate about their traditional coffee that grows steadily in the cool, high altitude.

Locals affectionately call Boquete’s climate “eternal springtime”, where the beautiful sunshine can be enjoyed without the unbearable heat due to it’s elevated location, the perfect condition for lush, colourful foliage. But it’s only on the hills that you will experience the breath-taking ‘bajareque’; a gentle mist that settles there, often followed by a rainbow.

Panama bajareque rainbow

A 'bajareque' rainbow photographed in the hills

What was once a single-family farm is now a coffee crafting enterprise, dedicated to growing the most consistently flavourful coffee while maintaining a healthy natural environment for their future generations.

Last week we carried out the cupping process for the new Panama Casa Ruiz and it was the dark chocolate flavours that were the first to be identified, and enjoyed by the team. Once the chocolate notes had settled, the sweet acidity that remained allowed us to experience and explore the lingering spicy notes that make this coffee a delight to drink.

Redber Coffee - Panama Boquete Casa Ruiz

From bean to cup!

Our head roaster Tom describes this gorgeous coffee as “medium-bodied, with complex notes of dark chocolate and molasses. Perfect for an espresso or an Americano!”

Try the new Panama Casa Ruiz for yourself and let us know what you think!

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