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Seeds for Development Coffee packs at BETT 2017

Seeds for Development Coffee packs at BETT 2017

This week Seeds for Development will be with Samsung at BETT 2017, the highly anticipated education show. Redber’s collaboration with Seeds for Development is an incredibly important one – with Seeds’ helping Ugandan farmers to successfully grow coffee, we are able roast and sell their produce, with farmer’s receiving funds to help their communities build Schools for their children.

Seeds for Development Ugandan Coffee Charity - Samsung BETT 2017

Having a name as big as Samsung’s attached to the project will give the charity the much needed exposure in order to expand their funding and community building.

The  beautiful coffee produced by farmers and roasted by us will be available to pick up for free from the Samsung stand, along with some gorgeous Bodum Travel Mugs.

From 25th – 28th January, industry professionals will meet to share ideas, attend talks and visit exhibition stands with everything from innovative software to aid homework efficiency, to school security equipment.

Samsung BETT 2017 - Seeds for Development Charity Coffee

Samsung’s stand will feature three learning zones; primary, secondary and university. Their Interactive Displays will be available in each ‘zone’ and they will aid in teaching the importance of integrating these types of technologies into every day classrooms.

 “[Students] can collaborate confidently and share their ideas with classmates and teachers.” – Samsung UK

These e-boards help teachers create an engaging learning environment, making it easier to break down complex subjects that the class can easily follow and understand.

We’re incredibly excited about this collaboration and we hope to continue to help them grow! To find out more about our work with Seeds for Development click here!

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