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How to Brew Cold Coffee Vs Iced Coffee

How to Brew Cold Coffee Vs Iced Coffee

How Is Cold Brew Coffee Made?

If you are organised and are happy with preparing your coffee one day before you plan to consume it, then the cold brew method is a fantastic option to satisfy your coffee cravings on a warm sunny day.

All you need is freshly ground coffee - we recommend our Guatemala Antigua Medium-Dark, cool filtered water (or room temp), a cold brew bottle or cafetiere. We recommend #1 below.

1. Grind 50g of your coffee to filter grind
2. Get 400ml of filtered water ready.
3. Place the coffee grounds into your cold brew bottle and add water.
4. We recommend letting your coffee solution steep in the fridge for at least 16 hours to 24 hours, although the time mainly depends on your preferences.

Next, remove your concentrate when you fancy a glass of chilled cold brew and simply pour from the Hario. As the filter is already in the coffee maker, there’s no need for a messy sieve.
If you find the cold brew too strong, just add cold water to adjust the strength, and voilà! You have a perfect cup of chilled cold brew.

How To Make Iced Coffee:

Iced coffee is a much quicker method to get a chilled coffee to satisfy a summer’s day craving.

First, brew your freshly ground coffee beans in whatever method you normally use.

Then, either pour your hot coffee over ice or let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. Keep in mind that the more time hot brewed coffee sits, the more its flavours degrade.

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