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Coffee of the Month - Redber Signature Blend

Coffee of the Month - Signature Blend

About the Coffee

Our Signature Blend is the result of listening to what our customers like best about our coffees and bringing them together in one fantastic blend. Expect rich notes of notes of chocolate, nuts and summer fruits.

The result is great for any espresso based drink. It really shines as the base for a Latte, Cappuccino or a Flat White, however the distinctive Colombian Estate coffee, and hint of African Natural we have blended in, also make for a complex and satisfying black coffee.

The roasting profile has been made a touch lighter, allowing for the maximum amount of sweetness to develop.

To bring the blend together, we have included 30% Colombian coffee, 30% Brazilian, 20% Indonesian, and 20% Ethiopian, giving the coffee flavour notes from across the globe

A Customer Favourite

Our signature blend is one of our top selling coffees for cafes and coffee shops that we supply to. As it has such a distinct flavour it is perfect for using in an espresso machine - great for giving your coffee drinking customers the best possible experience. Not only is it a best seller with our commercial customers but it is also very well loved for home consumption, as it combines flavours from a variety of regions it's flavour is so versatile.

Perfect for all brewing methods, but particularly espresso based coffees! Discover our signature blend here - Shop Signature Blend

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