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Coffee, The Lockdown Saviour

Coffee, The Lockdown Saviour

Coffee, the lockdown saviour

Adapting our routine has been a challenge for many during lockdown, and fantastic way to maintain a sense of normalcy is to establish a routine with your daily brew.

I LOVE a fresh cup of ground coffee from my Melitta Bean To Cup Machine first thing at 8am.

Sticking to your coffee timings as you would at your place of work can be a great help! You find yourself zooming through your workload, looking forward to that next exciting cup. 

Use coffee to motivate…..

If like the Redber Crew, you’re addicted to coffee, then using coffee as a mental stimulator can be a brilliant motivator for the daily routine.
For most of us work from homers, it is both a kick of caffeine, a warm cup of familiarity to the work day and a bit of excitement as you choose the coffee for the day and add a dose of tasty syrup.

If you have a day free of work, it can be the motivation you need to start a household job, do the shopping, take yourself for a run or a walk or take the kids for an outing of daily exercise.

That perfect cup of coffee can also be used as a relaxing method, that sit back, relax and read a book cup or to sit down with a cuppa and catch up on your favourite tv programme time. 

Make your cup of coffee interesting!
If ever there were a time to investigate, research and practice new techniques, now is certainly a brilliant time.
No matter your brew method, there are many different ways to produce the perfect cup, every time. We recommend trying out the HARIO V60 DRIPPER for the experimental coffee newbie or the MELITTA CAFFEO PASSIONE  for the Coffee expert.

As for coffee, well we have you covered! You can choose from over 40 coffees on our website, all roasted and ground to your preference.  I recommend choosing the 250g bags, and orders 4 different types to give your coffee week that extra excitement!






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