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How to Clean your Bravilor Novo Filter Coffee Machine

How to Clean your Bravilor Novo Filter Coffee Machine

Sadie Taylor |

It is very important that your Filter Coffee Machine and it's accessories are kept clean for optimum results, sometimes the result of a bad brew of coffee can be down to the cleanliness of the machine! The following instructions are specifically for a Bravilor Novo filter coffee machine, but would also apply to most other filter coffee machines.


Daily Cleaning / Cleaning After Each Use

How Often?
Daily or After each use



  1. Remove the carafe/jug and brew basket
  2. Wash these pieces in hot, soapy water - taking care to wash thoroughly
  3. Vacuum flasks and air pots can also be rinsed with hot water
  4. Clean the outside of the machine whenever necessary using a damp cloth


Deep Cleaning

How Often?
We would recommend deep cleaning at least once a month. You may need to do this more frequently if you are using the machine more often or if you feel it is necessary.



  1. Place 1 cleaning tablet into the brew basket, this is for every 2 litres of water capacity. We would recommend using Puly Caff Brew Tabs – these will dissolve and clean the oils from both your filter basket and the coffee jug.
  2. Start the brew cycle into serve and wait
  3. Remove any residue and eliminate solution
  4. Rinse everything with clean water



Hard water is packed with minerals including calcium, magnesium and limestone. These minerals can build up in your coffee maker over time. This can impact the taste of your coffee and even block holes in your fixtures and appliances. When you descale you are simply removing this build up.


How often?
When choosing how often to descale your filter coffee machine, you should consider the quality of the water running through your machine, and how much water is going through it. This will determine how much limescale build up will occur. You can try using a Water Hardness Test Kit to determine how hard your water is. As a rule of thumb we would suggest descaling once a month.



For descaling the Bravilor Novo we would recommend using Bravilor's Renegite descaler.

  1. Mix 100g (2 x Renegite sachets) with 0.5L of water
  2. Start brew cycle and let this flush through the machine once
  3. Repeat with just water to rinse out


To Remember

So to put it briefly:

  • Clean the jug/decanter and the filter pan after each use.
  • Deep clean the machine using cleaning powder around once a month
  • Descale around once a month

This will ensure the best outcome for your coffee from the cleanest machine!