How To: Cafetiere Brewing

How To: Cafetiere Brewing

Cafetiere brewing has long been the go-to method for coffee lovers looking for their fix at home; it’s not an expensive brewing method, it requires little preparation and expertise, and it’s one of the best ways to taste the origin bean flavours and character!

Even though getting the most of your cafetiere brew can take a bit of practice, it’ll be a labour of love and you’ll be enjoying fresh, great tasting coffee in no time. So throw away the freeze dried stuff you have in your cupboard, you won’t be needing that anymore. 



The Cafetiere

Whether you’re looking for something to use every day or something a little fancier for special occasions, we have a full range of cafetieres from only £9.

Always buy a branded cafetiere to ensure better quality filtering and eventually a cleaner cup of coffee, not only this but branded cafetieres will usually last longer because of their greater quality parts, so you’ll be less likely to have to replace them.



The Coffee Perfect for Cafetiere

Because of the ease of brewing using a cafetiere you can use any coffee, whichever origin, flavour or blend that you enjoy!

We have a suggested selection that we feel work incredibly well in producing the greatest flavours and most enjoyable cups. We’ve selected some of our sweet, fruity and chocolatey coffees such as our Brazil Yellow Catuai, Kenya Peaberry and firm favourite Nicaragua Matagalpa!

Spoilt for choice? Grab a Cafetiere Multi Pack to try a few different coffees!



The Brew

  • Pre-heat your cafetiere with hot water for a moment and then measure 7g per cup of ground coffee into the bottom of the cafetiere.
  • With the kettle just off the boil, evenly and slowly pour the water over the grounds.
  • Leave to brew for 4 minutes.
  • Stir for roughly 10 seconds to agitate the coffee a little and increase the quality of brew.
  • Slowly push the plunger down and pour your delicious fresh coffee!

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There are many ways to do it, here are my Cafetiere tips;-
1. Don’t skimp on coffee – around 18g for a “proper” size cup – too little = thin and nasty
2. Use only fresh coffee, ground tastes less good after 7 days max, whole beans around twice that.
3. Grind just prior to use and larger pieces than usually recommended (I use a Made by Knock hand grinder)
4. Water at not hotter than 95 degrees – 90 is good. Boiling = bitter taste.
5. Brew for about 7 minutes Note; I use a double walled metal cafetiere which holds the temperature steady whilst brewing.
6. Drink it, don’t let it stand.

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