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What is Strictly High Grown (SHG) Coffee and Why is it Special?

What is Strictly High Grown (SHG) Coffee and Why is it Special?

Petra Jones |

Strictly High Grown, often abbreviated as SHG, is a highly sought-after, specialty-grade quality of coffee beans used to make an exquisite cup of coffee. The precise farming practices used, as well as the unique combination of altitude, soil composition, and climate make SHG some of the most flavoursome and aromatic coffee beans.

What is Strictly High Grown Coffee?

SHG coffee beans must be grown at an elevation of at least 1200 meters (roughly 3900 feet) above sea level in order to qualify as SHG. It is primarily grown in Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, and Colombia. At higher altitudes, the air is cooler and drier, allowing the coffee beans to develop a deeper, more complex flavour.

Additionally, growing coffee at high altitudes reduces the risk of diseases that can ruin entire harvests. Plants grown high up are better able to survive in the cooler temperatures and dryer air. This makes the coffee beans hardier and better prepared to withstand blights, rots, and moulds.

Why is SHG Coffee Special?

Strictly High Grown beans are a superior level of coffee beans and are usually considered to be the best for those who appreciate complexity and unique flavour notes in their cup. Produced with unique care and attention and grown in specific conditions, SHG beans provide a cup of coffee with an intense flavour profile and a unique aroma that will linger in the air. For those who are looking to experience specialty coffee, SHG is the perfect choice.

SHG coffee beans on Our Offer

El Salvador Diamante 

El Salvador Diamante coffee has rich body, notes of chocolate and a mild acidity which hints of oranges.

Honduras Santa Rosa 

Honduras Santa Rosa is well-balanced coffee with rich body, vibrant acidity, smooth finish and cocoa aftertaste. 

Nicaragua Matagalpa

Nicaragua Matagalpa coffee is smooth, rich, sweet coffee with chocolate flavours with subtle notes of orange. 


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