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Making an espresso with ROK Espresso GC

Making an espresso with ROK Espresso GC

We have been fans of ROK for many years, more-so after ROK's creative director Patrick Hunt's visit to our roastery on a snowy day back in 2019.

I have to admit, I don't use it as much as I would like to. For a while now, the cool gadget sat on the counter in our showroom catching eyes of curious visitors. 

The main rule of making a perfect cup of coffee with ROK espresso maker is PRACTICE! 


To start, you need to pre-heat the water chamber along with the portafilter and ideally the cup for the coffee too. As the ROK espresso maker is made of cast aluminium, it draws the heat from the hot water, and if it isn't hot enough, it will result in under-extracted espresso.

Firstly, lock the portafilter in position and pour hot water (93C) into the water chamber. Put an empty cup beneath and lift the handles up. Push the handles down and water will start flowing though. 

Making an espresso

Working quickly, add your espresso ground coffee (16g-19g) to the portafilter, tamp firmly and add hot water to the chamber once again. Lift the leavers slowly (about 15sec) to pre-infuse the coffee. Now push the leavers evenly down for about 25-30sec to pull the espresso. The ROK can reach pressure of about 5-10 bars, 9 being the optimum. 

Making an espresso with ROK espresso maker is a truly hands-on experience. Once you get hang of it, it's very satisfying and enjoyable. 

Let us know about your ROK Espresso making experiences and what you like about it. Contact us on or find us on Instagram at @redbercoffee and share your story today.


Because ROK has no electric components, the cleaning is easy. You can descale the components once in few months.

What is in the box?

ROK Espresso Maker, portafilter, tamper, stream splitter

33.5cm x 26cm x 35.5cm



10years on metal parts

ROK Espresso GC Coffee Grinder with Free Coffee

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