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Introducing Redber's Christmas Blend 2021

Introducing Redber's Christmas Blend 2021

Kiara Maher |

In the past few months, I have been working with the roastery team to find those flavours associated with a special time of the year. One that we will all be eagerly looking forward to; Christmas!
We have been thinking of what Christmas should look like, or better, taste like in a coffee. Thanks to our vast selection of single origin coffees from across the globe, we have found so many delicious coffee profiles that could help us create the best 2021 Christmas Blend.
Finding the right blend of coffees has inevitably taken its time; we wanted to bring to you, our dear customers, the best Christmas coffee experience possible.
The team tried many different blends before agreeing to this one, with several cupping sessions led by me, to find the perfect flavour to inspire the festive spirit. We put various blends through different brewing methods, from espresso to filter, vacuum pots to cafetiere, to ensure it will tickle your taste buds and give you an amazing cup of coffee, no matter how you brewed it.
To maximise your enjoyment, we have also decided on a dark roast profile this year, perfect for espresso lovers yet versatile enough to be packed with flavour in any filter machine or cafetiere.
When I am blending, I like to carefully select the best coffee origins that are going to marry up together in complete harmony and offer flavours that will not overshadow each other. For this reason, I specifically picked our Diamante from El Salvador, the Cachoeira from Brazil and finally the Antigua from Guatemala; I am proud and excited to introduce you to our new Christmas Blend 2021.
The Brazilian has great characteristics for the core, with its round body, citric acidity, sweet and caramel flavours. It’s a very good and versatile base while the mild acidity from the El Salvador balances it out, perfecting the body with its rich and creamy traits, whilst also adding a pleasant festive feel of orange notes. To top it off we added one of our most popular coffees, much loved for its rich aroma, the smooth Guatemala Antigua will also bring to your palate those warm and familiar Christmassy flavours of chocolate and hazelnuts.
I trust that you will join me on this festive coffee journey and that you will enjoy this delicious new Christmas that our team have worked on tirelessly throughout this summer. We cannot wait for you to try it!!

From myself and my team here at Redber, we wish you a fantastic Christmas season, and happy coffee drinking!


Written By Luigi- Head Roaster at Redber Coffee 

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