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How to make Cold Brew Coffee in a Cafetiere

How to make Cold Brew Coffee in a Cafetiere

Here's our simple, easy way to make cold brew coffee at home - all you need is a cafetiere! We recommend doing this in the evening so you are ready to serve your cold brew the next morning.

You will need:

Coarse Ground Coffee (Cafetiere Grind is suitable)

A Cafetiere

A bottle or container for storing


1. Measure out your coffee. Use a ratio of 1:8 for 1 part coffee to 8 parts water. We are using an 8 cup cafetiere measuring around 800ml, so will be using 100g of coffee.

2. Fill with Cold Water. Fill you cafetiere with water to the plunge line.

3. Stir Gently. Use a spoon or stirrer to stir gently and ensure all grounds are wet.

4. Let it sit for 12 - 16 hours. Put the lid of the cafetiere on and let this sit for 12 - 16 hours. We recommend that you do not  put this in the fridge. You can leave this on the side.

5. Slowly Plunge. When the 12-16 hours is over, slowly push the plunger down.

6. Decant. To ensure freshness you can decant the coffee into a jar or a glass bottle.

7. Serve and enjoy! Enjoy at your own preference! We love this with lots of ice and cold oat milk.



Recommended Coffees for Cold Brew

Guatemala  Antigua, Dark

Sumatra Mandheling, Dark

Ethiopia Sidamo, Medium-Dark

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