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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

The clocks have changed, the weather is chillier and we're starting to countdown to... Christmas! This year, grab a fresh cup of coffee and browse our gift ideas. We have put together a list of the best Christmas present ideas for the coffee lover in your life!

Christmas Blend

Our Christmas blend is perfectly festive, warming coffee blend. Suitable for all brewing methods - and perfect to enjoy on a crisp Christmas morning. (from £5.50)

Hario V60 02 Starter Kit

Perfect for someone just starting out with fresh coffee brewing, or for anyone who loves to try new things! This little V60 device is truly amazing, and is something that many coffee fanatics swear by for the best cup of coffee. (£17.50)

Ecoffee Travel Mugs

Perfect for a commuter - so they can enjoy great coffee on the go with these stylish ecoffee travel mugs! Also great for the environmentally friendly conscious, these mugs are made of bamboo fibre. (from £7.99)

Christmas Coffee Gift Box

The Ultimate Christmas selection pack of coffees! This pack includes our Christmas Blend, Colombia Los Olivos, Guatemala San Francisco and Rwanda Inzovu. (£22.50)

Chemex Pour Over 6-Cup 

A great gift for that stylish friend who loves to impress! The chemex is a classic for coffee brewing and is the perfect Christmas present. (£43.99)

Elizabeth Shaw Famous Names Whisky Chocolates

A perfect gift for Dad! These indulgent Whisky chocolates by Elizabeth Shaw use some of the world's most famous liqueurs. (£5.99)


Elizabeth Shaw Biscuits Selection

Perfect for Mum! Our Elizabeth Shaw Biscuit Selection comes with 3 delicious flavours of biscuits: Mint & Cocoa, Coconut & Hazelnut and Raisin & Hazelnut. (£6.00)

Bodum Pilates Double Walled Glasses

Enjoy a long chat over a cup of coffee with friends using these gorgeous double walled glasses. (£13.00)

Christmas Gift Subscription

Really splash out with a thoughtful present for a coffee lover in your life with our Christmas Gift Subscription. The first coffee will be our festive Christmas Blend and will come with a personalised christmas card! (from £17.70)
Still stuck for ideas? Browse our full Christmas Shop range Here
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