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Introducing DBarbosa Coffee Farmers

Introducing DBarbosa Coffee Farmers

Petra Suchova |

Barbosa family are coffee farmers since 1930. Danilo Barbosa (pictured above) represents the fourth and fifth generation of coffee farmers. He works together with his sons Vítor Marcelo and Sérgio Ricardo.

The farm is located in Minas Gerais, inside Cerrado Region of Brazil. This region is first to grow coffee in Brazil and it is excellent for coffee production due to its climate, soil and altitude. All these factors are helping the Barbosa family with their coffee production and research of new varietals and coffee production processes. 

The DBarbosa’s philosophy is 'the exceptional coffee quality and the quality of the lives that can be reached'.

Mr Barbosa further explains their aim: 'Firstly when we say quality, we are talking about a generality of factors that has to be taken into consideration. Let’s talk about the region: A certain varietal cannot be produced anywhere. Here enters the experience of years allied to new techniques. As a result of our crop experience the varietals Red and Yellow Catuaí and Icatú, Mundo Novo, Acauã and Caturra developed in an exceptional way in our region. These are the varietals that we produce and achieve great results. Plague resistant, uniform maturation and the plants respond well to the treatment and the environment.'


After the development of the baby trees, the next step is the coffee processing; once again the union of technology and tradition go into motion. A series of experiments were made on the crops when it comes to processing. They work with natural and pulped natural processes. At the present they are running tests and experiments on Honey, which is an innovation adopted by DBarbosa on this harvest.

Within the concept of DBarbosa, also the environment needs to receive the same respect that we have towards each other. It wouldn’t be fair to receive from nature all the resources needed to produce speciality coffees and not to hand back the due care.

Their entire team is highly informed about the impacts of production on the environment, and it was implanted a consciousness that they have to do what it takes to diminish it. Their coffees are produced in a responsible way, both socially and environmentally. In face of our concerns, and always striving to improve our performance, we were certified by Rain Forest Alliance.

Also, on Dbarbosa, to strengthen ties is primordial, this the way that enables them to help each other and try to change the small part that we can, this is why they export directly. Cachoeira means waterfall, and it is at 1100 meters of altitude and has 95 hectares of coffee plantations. DBarbosa is the exporting brand and the name is formed by the first letter of the producer’s name and the family surname. DBarbosa is trading direct; on a clear and responsible way.


As a result there is nothing better to welcome our friends in our farms, introduce them to all of their collaborators to encourage improvement and development, and showcase what they do and how they produce such especial coffees. 




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