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The Best Coffee Beans for Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Coffee pouring from bean to cup coffee machine

Petra Jones |

How to choose the best coffee beans for your bean to cup coffee machine?

When it comes to selecting the best coffee beans for your  bean to cup machine , our go-to recommendation is to stay away from very  dark roasted  coffees, such as  Italian Roast  or  French Roast medium-dark  or our some of our  dark roasts , which are. As we don't roast to heavy dark level my go-to recommendation is  medium-dark roast. This is because  dark roasted  beans can potentially cause issues for your machine in the long run, while  medium roasts  or lighter can result in a less flavorful brew.

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The best coffee beans for bean to cup coffee machines: Our Top Picks

1. Café Francais Blend

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (100+ Reviews)

Chocolate, caramel & nuts 

Imagine sipping on a rich coffee that is full of flavours of chocolate, nut, caramel, and a cheerful hint of orange acidity. Café Francais coffee beans has snapped up the Great Taste Award not just once, but two years in succession. It's been praised for it's versatility, tasting great black or with milk. 

Cafe Francais blend is madeof Brazil Cachoeira and Honduras Santa Rosa, both highly scored Arabica coffee beans. 

2. Sumatra Mandheling

Dark Roast

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (150+ Reviews)

Chocolate, earth, tobacco

Sumatra Mandheling dark roast offers low acidity and a syrupy, full-bodied cup. This exquisite coffee carries subtle notes of spice, chocolate, and a hint of sweet smokiness. It’s sure to be a hit with those who like their coffee intense!

3. Brazil Finca Cachoeira - Medium-dark Roast

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (40 Reviews)

Milk chocolate, hazelnut, caramel

Brazil Finca Cachoeira is a classic Brazilian coffee which features sweet yellow fruit and caramel notes, an approachable citrus acidity, and an incredibly velvety finish.

4. Winter Blend

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (24 Reviews)

Rich chocolate, nuts & dried fruits

Our Winter Blend offers a heart-warming and chocolatey flavour experience, skilfully created from a unique combination of El Salvador Diamante, Brazil Finca Cachoeira, and Guatemala Antigua beans.
The Brazilian beans provide a crucial foundation with their well-rounded body, hints of citric acidity, and rich sweet caramel notes, making it a very adaptable and solid base. The addition of El Salvador beans harmonizes the blend with a slight acidity and enhances the overall body with its rich and creamy texture, introducing a delightful seasonal sensation with orange notes. The finishing touch is provided by our popular Guatemala Antigua coffee, renowned for its rich aroma and the comforting, festive flavours of chocolate and hazelnuts it brings to the blend.
This blend is particularly perfect for bean-to-cup machines, ensuring a freshly ground, aromatic cup that fully captures the essence of winter in each sip. It's an ideal choice for coffee lovers looking to enjoy a seamless and delicious experience with their machine.

5. Guatemala Antigua - Dark Roast

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (145 Reviews)

Caramel, Exotic Fruit, Hazelnut

medium-dark roast

Brazil Finca Cachoeira is a classic Brazilian coffee which features sweet yellow fruit and caramel notes, an approachable citrus acidity, and an incredibly velvety finish.

Bean to Cup Coffee Taster Pack

Alternatively, you can try our Bean to Cup Taster Selection Pack which offers four of the coffees from this list – so you can try them out and find out which is your favourite. With this Taster Pack, you can enjoy a variety of different flavours and discover which one is the perfect match for you and your bean to cup coffee machines. Each coffee is expertly roasted to order ensuring the freshest coffee cup every time. 

The Taster Packs come in sizes as little as 4 x 125g, so you can try all without committing to large amount of one particular coffee. They also make a prefect gift for any coffee enthusiast!

Coffee beans to avoid in bean to cup coffee machine

The coffee beans you want to avoid in bean to cup coffee machines are oily dark roasted coffees which have been processed as green beans, such as aged coffees - Old Brown Java, Monsooned Malabar or dark roasted Decaf coffees. These coffees very as they can clog up the grinder in the bean to cup

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