Surprise Me Coffee Subscription Club - Lighter Coffees
Surprise Me Coffee Subscription Club - Lighter Coffees

Surprise Me Coffee Subscription Club - Lighter Coffees


Live on the edge! Enjoy that little surprise when your parcel of coffee arrives.

We will choose different coffees for you each time. Redber has over 30 different origin coffees. 

Your coffee is roasted fresh to order, packed and dispatch on the day. Ready for you to enjoy days after roasting. You simple complete this order and we do the rest. 

You can manage or change your subscription account at any time. It is completely flexible.

With this option we will limit the choices to our Medium-Dark and Medium coffees, for those like a slightly milder or brighter cup.

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John M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Monsoon Malabar

Out of all the coffee's I've had as part of my Surprise Me Lighter subscription I have to say this is the only one I'm struggling to enjoy the same as the previous ones. The beans smell great in the bag and also once they are ground, but the taste after brewing in my cafetiere has this odd smokey note that I'm not sure of. Obviously it's only my opinion, others may like it more.

Daniel P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fairly dark, very inconsistent

The first delivery as part of my subscription was Sweet Shop (Medium-Dark), a blend I was really looking forward to trying (albeit I was hoping for a medium roast). Granted this was a blend, but the roast seemed to be all over the place. I appreciate the range of beans used you might want a variation in the roast to get a range of different flavour/aroma components, but the coffee ended up tasting very bland and generic due to some of the incredibly dark and oily beans in the blend that truthfully wasn’t a particularly pleasant bean to have a kilo of.

Christopher K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Superb coffee from an excellent vendor.

I started out with the surprise me subscription and while every coffee I received was delicious I did feel that it tended to favour darker roasts. Having switch to the surprise me "lighter roasts" subscription I have definitely hit my sweet spot. Highly recommended!

John M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Decided to do a coffee subscription with Redber after receiving a complimentary bag of coffee beans when I purchased a hand grinder. I have enjoyed the coffee very much so far to the point I've finished the first bag I received a lot quicker than expected. May have to reassess my subscription intervals or go easy on the coffee. Would recommend giving Redber coffee a try.

Gerry M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Packaging Issue

The coffee itself is good but a packaging failure meant that about 20% percent was unusable. The whole package had been squashed and the internal bag had burst.