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Melitta Spare Driver 046 Neutral V2 for Caffeo II, CI, Gourmet, Solo, Lattea, Solo & Milk (6775877)

by Melitta
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Spare driver 046 neutral V2 for Melitta Caffeo II, CI, Gourmet, Solo, Lattea, Solo & Milk, Solo & Perfect Milk coffee machines.

Melitta product no: 6556235

To fit model numbers:

  • Caffeo II: E960-101, E960-102, E960-103, E960-104, E960-105, E960-106, E960-107, E960-108
  • Caffeo CI: E970-101, E970-102, E970-103, E970-204, E970-205, E970-306
  • Caffeo Gourmet: E965-101, E965-102
  • Caffeo Solo: E950-101, E950-102, E950-103, E950-104, E950-106, E950-107, E950-111, E950-222, E950-333
  • Caffeo Lattea: E955-101, E955-102, E955-103, E955-104
  • Caffeo Solo & Milk: E953-101, E953-102
  • Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk: E957-101, E957-103, E957-204, E957-305


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