Melitta ANTI CALC Espresso Machine Liquid Descaler 250ml

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Gently removes all lime scale and ensures long life for your coffee machine. 

  • Gently and thoroughly removes all lime scale deposits in the water pipes
  • Regular descaling will prolong the life of your coffee machine
  • Designed for fully automatic coffee makers


    Please observe the notes of descaling of the instruction manual of your device. Not apllicable on acid sensitive surface, e.g. aluminium and zinc. 

    How to descale
    1. Fill in 125 ml (half of bottle) of liquid descaler into the water tank of your coffee machine.
    2. Add water according to your instruction manual for your coffee machine (Melitta CAFFEO range 375 ml water)
    3. Start descaling programme

    Advantages of descaling regularly

    Regularly descaling your appliance leads to a reduction in stubborn limescale deposits and therefore to better heat transfer as limescale can't form an insulating layer. This means the appliance uses less energy and its lifetime is increased.


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