Jura Decalcifying Coffee Machine Tablets (3x3) 9 pcs

Jura Decalcifying Coffee Machine Tablets (3x3) 9 pcs


Scale is the biggest enemy of all household appliances that involve the use of mains water. JURA has developed a descaling tablet to extend the service life of your coffee machine by removing scale and yet still being easy on your machine.


Step 1. Dissolve the contents of a blister pack (3 tablets) in a container with the stated amount of water. Suggestion: in order to quickly dissolve the tablets, use lukewarm (40ºC max.) water.
Step 2. Start the descaling process as described in your manual.
Step 3. Pour the solution in the water reservoir at the correct time, stated in your manual.
Step 4. Continue with the directions in your manual.


The descaler will not clean coffee oils. For cleaning we recommend Jura cleaning tablets.