Jura Cleaning Tablets 6 pcs Coffee Machine


Jura Cleaning Tablets are great for cleaning your Jura coffee machine. Cleaning your coffee machine will ensure you get the finest coffee taste.

Each box contains 6 cleaning tablets for use with Jura bean to cup machines including the popular Jura XS90, Jura X9 and Impressa C9. 

Jura cleaning tablets

Jura's 2 phase cleaning process: 

  • Phase I, cleaning - The special formula effectively loosens the coffee fat and particles in the brewing unit and sieve. Water heated to 80° C thoroughly rinses these components on the inside and outside.
  • Phase II, protection - Special active ingredients seal the surfaces of the corresponding components and protect them from coffee residue and fat in the long term.
  • The result - A hygienically clean automatic coffee machine fully ready for perfect coffee quality and the ultimate enjoyment at the touch of a button.


Only use original Jura cleaning tablets to clean and protect your Jura automatic coffee machine. Only these tablets are perfectly matched to the automatic cleaning cycle.


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