INTRO PACK Green Coffee beans

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INTRO PACK Green Coffee beans I Redber Coffee
INTRO PACK Green Coffee beans I Redber Coffee
INTRO PACK Green Coffee beans I Redber Coffee
INTRO PACK Green Coffee beans I Redber Coffee

INTRO PACK Green Coffee beans

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Weight 125g


Four very different flavours from all around the world. Get tasting with our Intro Pack and find your favourite. 

Weight selected is per coffee bag. (eg. 125g = 4 x 125g bags)
All bags will be the same weight and all packs contain 4 bags of coffee.

The Intro Pack includes the following coffees:

If you are interested in exploring the wide range of coffee flavours from around the world, the Intro Pack is a great first step. Earthy Indian Monsooned Malabar, fruity and bright Ethiopia, full-body and rich acidity of Colombia and nutty flavours of Guatemala Antigua will certainly cover the range.

Note: Coffee is a seasonal product, often sourced from small growers, the exact coffees in packs may vary slightly. Any changes will always reflect the character and theme of the pack.

Customer Reviews

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graham s.
Intro Pack 1kg

Buying the 1kg size pack is a fantastic way to get a lot of top quality green beans for an amazing price
The beans are a great selection of tastes from across the world and I am constantly impressed with the quality of the cup.

Zac H.
No faff, just great coffee for a great price

This coffee tastes amazing, and smells fantastic when you roast and grind it yourself. I don’t know if it’s just me but there is something so fulfilling and satisfying about roasting your own beans. I’d never even ground pre-roasted beans before but the process is so simple and definitely worth it for the fresh smell, taste and nutritional value. I will definitely be buying from Redber again. The coffee just come in plain labelled bags, nothing Instagram worthy but if you’re in it for the coffee and not the likes then that’s all you want really. This amount of coffee should last you quite a while too while experiencing loads of options, the taste is always different with each roast, or if you stick to a timer it’s always just how you want it. I’m loving this new hobby of home roasting, it really is worth the time and money. For a no faff home roasting start, I’d highly recommend these beans.

Laura E.
Christmas gift

Arrived a couple of days later than advertised, due to Royal Mail’s busy period during this pandemic, but still with plenty of time for Christmas. It was helpful having an email when when it was dispatched so I could track it. The order was a gift, and it was very well received. It was nice having smaller sizes of different beans. I’m looking forward to trying a home roasted brew.

great fun

I have wanted to try roasting my own coffee for ages and decided to give it a go when I saw this sample pack. I don't have any special equipment so I just chucked the beans in a saucepan, put the extractor on high, stirred like mad and hoped for the best. I have been delighted with the results, and I will definitely be buying more! Great coffee and hilarity to boot.

Nataliya D.
Excellent purchase! Good quality!

The order has arrived in 3 days, complete in good quality. Happy customer)