HONDURAS SANTA ROSA - Green Coffee Beans

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HondurasSantaRosa I Redber Coffee
Redber, HONDURAS SANTA ROSA - Green Coffee Beans, Redber Coffee
Redber, HONDURAS SANTA ROSA - Green Coffee Beans, Redber Coffee
HondurasSantaRosa I Redber Coffee
Redber, HONDURAS SANTA ROSA - Green Coffee Beans, Redber Coffee
Redber, HONDURAS SANTA ROSA - Green Coffee Beans, Redber Coffee

HONDURAS SANTA ROSA - Green Coffee Beans

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Weight 250g


Santa Rosa is a beautiful example of what makes Central American coffee has to offer. With a smooth, creamy body and rich flavours, what's not to love?

What you need to know...

  • Flavours - Cacao, Nutmeg, Orange
  • Aroma - Intense Dark Chocolate
  • Body - Creamy, Smooth
  • Acidity - Orange Citrus

The finer details... 

  • Origin: Honduras
  • Region: El Paraiso
  • Altitude: 1,300 metres above sea level
  • Varieties: Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Lempira, Pacamara
  • Harvest Period: January - April
  • Processed Method: Semi-washed, Sun-dried with prolonged fermentation

Our Santa Rosa hails from the south of Honduras, bordering Nicaragua. The region of El Paraiso is ideal for coffee growing, with highly fertile soil, frequent rain and high altitude. This combination of environmental factors allows for some really complex and exciting coffee to be produced.  

Farmed by Mario Segura, the farm is now 360 hectares and employs some 800 local people. The farm is also proud of its state of the art wet mill which is extremely water efficient with minimal wastage and can process coffees with or without fermentation.

Mario’s farm is supported by a quality control technician all the way through the production process, from choosing which plots to plant certain coffee varietals to harvesting and on to drying the coffee. This help in quality control ensures that the coffee meets Speciality Coffee Association standards. The most recent cupping score was 84.

Further to the help in quality control, the technician ensures that the farm conforms to sustainable, social and environmental practices. All production is completely organic. Large parts of the farm are dedicated entirely to local wildlife, improving biodiversity in the region. All profits are shared fairly throughout the employees of the farm, with a fairer than fair price being paid by us, the roasters.

On top of all the wonderful work this farm does thanks to Becamo, the flavour profile of the coffee is very exciting. Due to the fertility of the soil in Honduras, the coffee cherries are able to ripen almost completely uniformly which means a very consistent cup with each lot. On the palate, flavours of rich cacao and spicy nutmeg start, followed by a lasting orange acidity. The body of the coffee is creamy and deep and the aroma intense with dark chocolate.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
steve g.

Had trouble with this order. Redber only sent 125g bags with 250g labels on. I phoned Roz and she sorted it out but it took a week for my replacements to arrive.
I ordered 3 coffees that I often mix together in my personal blend, and roasted them together in my new Chinese electric roaster....mistake I think.
Next time I shall roast each variety separately as I had 3 different colour beans in my roasted product.
When ground they were a satisfactory overall colour - medium - and tasted great and better than buying the coffee roast and ground, but a lot more faff to get a cup of coffee. Will persevere for the moment.

Grant F.
Roasts great, tastes great.

Delivered quick. Nice packaging. Tasty coffee.

Stephen H.
Great Product and Service

Easy roast.... Matures quickly.... Must be close to perfection for a medium roast.
Speedy delivery, of which I was constantly informed of its progress. Sold at a very fair price.
You have a happy repeat customer. Thank you.

Jonathan B.
New to coffee roasting

The beans arrived quickly, well packaged and clearly marked.
Will definatley use Redber again.

Travis E.
Good taste but a lot of waste

Roasted mine to first crack (about a minute passed) and the taste is quite good
The only reason I'm rating lower is the bag of beans I got had a LOT of waste beans that I had to throw out compared to other orders of beans I've had in the past.
(when weighing out for my roasts I check to see if there is rots/borer holes etc)