Hario V60 02 (2 Cups) Ceramic Coffee Dripper - Heather

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Hario V60 02 (2 Cups) Ceramic Coffee Dripper - Heather

Hario V60 02 (2 Cups) Ceramic Coffee Dripper - Heather

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The Hario V60 innovative pour-over dripper design has a large opening at the bottom. This, with the spiral ribs on the inside and a fairly steep wall all contribute to making a great cup of pour-over cup of coffee.

The 01 version is design for 1 cup and the 02 for 2 cups. The V60 can be used directly over a cup or a coffee pot or jug. The name V60 derives from the dripper's design: the cone is V shaped and has a 60° angle. The dripper spread across the world after the 2010 World Brewers Cup in London and is now synonymous with the highest standards of craft in coffee making equipment.

Product Features

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Great heat retention
  • Internal ribs to support water flow

Product Specification

Product Code: VDC-02-PUH

Suggested Instructions: Use a ratio of 60g of coffee for 1 litre of water. If you are making for one then most cups will be about 300ml so you need 18g of coffee. Grind the coffee courser than espresso. Boil fresh water and wait 1 minute to let the water cool to approximately 95C. Place the filter paper in the V60 and pour some water over the filter paper to rinse. Place the ground coffee in the now wet filter paper then start pouring slowly onto the ground coffee. The pouring and drip time should take about 3-4 minutes. 

Result: Delicious coffee.

Key things needed areThe Hario V60 filter papers; Fresh delicious coffee roasted less than 30 days ago; And a hand or electric burr grinder and a kettle.