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Cafflano Krinder Hand Burr Grinder - Red

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Cafflano Krinder is the world's lightest precision metal-burr coffee grinder. Cafflano Krinder offers the best grind consistency by deploying a plain-bearing structure with precision-cut steel burrs at the most affordable ever in the coffee industry.

Any serious coffee drinker would know that grinding freshly roasted coffee beans is one of the most crucial steps in brewing a perfect cup of coffee. Most hand grinders in the market compromise either grind performance or affordability. However, Krinder has come up with a hand grinder that promises both competitive cost and performance, through its unique design, usability, weight, and convenience.


  • Effortless grinding: Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easier to grind any type of beans. The inner circular design of Jar makes all grounds out with no residuals.
  • Italian Metal-burr Set: The precision-cut hardened & tempered steel burrs have sharp edge-holding capabilities (edge retention); thus, beans are cut not crushed.
  • Intuitive and easy grind setting: Easy-to-track numbered Adjusting Wheel. Simply rotate clockwise (finer) or counterclockwise (coarser) to change grind size, with or without the Handle.
  • The maximum portability: the Handle is attached and dismantled easily (Knob lock & Crank hook).
  • World's Lightest Metal-Burr Grinder: only 295g.

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