BRAZIL YELLOW CATUAI Medium Roast - Filter Ground Coffee - Box of 40 Sachets

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Roasted to Order 

We do not roast our coffee until it is ordered for optimum freshness & for the best outcome

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Boxes of 40 x Sachets

Choose from 50-110g per sachet. View our Filter Coffee Help table to choose a sachet size to perfectly suit your machine.

Brazil Yellow Catuai is a Creamy and heavy coffee with refined citric acidity and pronounced caramel taste.  

What you need to know...

  • Flavours - caramel, 
  • Aroma - nutty
  • Body - rich, full, creamy
  • Acidity - citric 

The finer details... 

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Region: Minas Gerais
  • Farm: Fazenda Rio Verde (one of Ipanema’s five farms)
  • Altitude: 800 to 1.350 meters above sea level
  • Variety: Yellow Catuai
  • Collection: Handpicking selective
  • Processing: Pulped Natural


Our Yellow Catuai coffee comes from the Rio Verde farm in Ipanema Estate.
Embedded in the Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains, the over 100 year old Fazenda Rio Verde farm was acquired by Ipanema in 2002. Surrounded by native forests, blessed with abundant waterfalls and beautiful trails, this farm is a true nature sanctuary where coffee fields only represent 40% of the land use. The altitude ranges from 800 to 1,350 m. Most farming operations are manual.

It is prepared from 100% Yellow Catuai cherries harvested from the Fazenda Rio Verde and processed using the pulped natural method.

What is Yellow Catuaí varietal? Yellow Catuaí is a dwarf hybrid of Mundo Novo and Caturra, which was crossbred in Brazil in 1949. Together with Red Catuai, it is a highly resistant cultivar suitable for growing in high altitudes and windy areas. Both Catuais have very refined and clean acidity.

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