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Wholesale Coffee

Redber Wholesale Coffee

With a massive collection of different single origin coffees and blends it can be impossible to choose which will work best for your business. This is why we have selected our all-round most popular single origin coffees and blends. These are best suited to Espresso machines and Bean to cup machines.

Fresh Roast

All orders are freshly roasted to your order to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible. We do not recommend buying more than a month’s supply of coffee at a time.

White label services

We can also provide a white label service if you were interested in branding the bags as your own blends and can supply these in 250g bags for you to sell in your business. Get in touch to find out more about white label services at

Coffee tasting

Redber Coffee roastery is based in Guildford, just south of London. If you want to learn more about your coffee and try before you buy we are always more than happy to host coffee tastings and provide roastery tours to ensure you are happy partnering with Redber coffee with your business. And if you can’t either find the time (since you are busy running a business!) or it doesn’t geographically make sense to come to us for a tasting we are happy to send out sample packs and walk you through how to taste these.

Our top pick: Our favourite and a long term customer favourite is the Café Francais Blend. This is a versatile blend that works with all brewing methods from Espresso makers to Filter Machines. With classic coffee flavours of Chocolate and nut and a smooth well balanced body. The two farms that make this blend are extraordinary in terms of story as well as location.

And with all our coffees any graphics or promotional material you may need to help showcase your product, we are happy to help!