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Your Favourite Coffee Based on Your Pancake Toppings

Your Favourite Coffee Based on Your Pancake Toppings

It's one of the most delicious and indulgent days of the year - and that's why we love it! Let us choose the perfect coffee for you based on your pancake toppings below...

Lemon and Sugar

Ahh a classy classic - you can never go wrong with lemon and sugar.
Your Coffee is... Kenya Peaberry
Light, floral with delicate notes of lemon.

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Maple Syrup

Definitely the cool option and a top favourite from across the pond.
Your Coffee is... Costa Rica San Francisco Honey
Sweet, sweet, sweet! With flavour notes of syrup.

Shop Costa Rica San Francisco Honey



You're a chocolate lover who doesn't mess around - you want to make the most of being indulgent.
Your Coffee is... Guatemala Antigua
Our most nutella-like coffee, with indulgent notes of chocolate and hazelnut.

Shop Guatemala Antigua



You don't follow the crowd, and are very open minded.
Your Coffee is... Old Brown Java
Our most unique coffee that sets apart from the crowd.

Shop Old Brown Java


Whatever topping you're choosing today, we hope you're treating yourself and going all out for one of the best days of the year! No pancakes today? Who said you can only make pancakes on pancake day?! Stock up for future creations- our syrups are great for blending into your pancake mix for extra flavour, or for drizzling on top (and great with some mini marshmallows!) 
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