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The Journey of a Redber Coffee Order

The Journey of a Redber Coffee Order

Have you ever wondered about the extensive journey your coffee goes through from the minute you place your order online? As one of the most passionate coffee roasters in the UK, we thought you'd like to know. We have put together a step by step journey of our coffee production line to give you a sense of how your coffee orders are made, and how each order is roasted especially for you!

1. Order Placed

You coffee order is placed through our website.

2. Label Printed

Each coffee you have ordered is then printed out as a label.

3. Coffee Bag Labelled

Your own label / labels for your coffees are stuck onto your desired sized coffee bag. The front label with your coffee's information is then stuck onto the front.

4. Into the Roasting Queue

Your chosen coffee/ coffees are then put into our roasting queue.

5. Scoop the Green Beans

When it's your coffee's turn to be roasted, the green unroasted beans are scooped from their coffee sack.

6. Get Ready to Roast

The green coffee is weighed out and poured into the top of one of our industrial coffee roasters.

7. Roasted and Cooled

The coffee is then roasted to the desired roast profile (medium, medium-dark, or dark). Roasting the coffee is essentially "cooking" it, turning the beans from green to brown. When the beans are done roasting, they are released from the inside of the roaster and into the cooling tray. Once the beans have cooled they are then poured into a tub, ready for scooping.

8. Weigh out the Roasted Beans

Your coffee bag is then filled with the recently cooled, roasted coffee beans. It will be filled to reach the desired weight indicated on the back label: 125g, 250g, 500g or 1kg.

9. Ground (or left as Whole Beans)

If you have ordered ground coffee, the beans are then ground to your desired choice of grind, which is indicated on your coffee bag's label.

10. Sealed and Passed Through

The coffee bag is then sealed, and is passed through to our packing area.

11. Hand Packed into Parcels

Your order is then packed by hand, along with any other products you have ordered.

12. Ready for our Couriers

It is then ready to be collected from our couriers - Royal Mail or DHL depending on which shipping 

13. Delivered to your Door

And finally, it is delivered directly to your door for you to enjoy!
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