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Why You Should Stop Drinking Instant Coffee

Why You Should Stop Drinking Instant Coffee

Sadie Taylor |

Here at Redber we ultimately want to see people stepping away from instant coffee and moving on to the proper stuff! Once you've tried freshly roasted coffee there really is no going back!

Interestingly, it is estimated that around 70% of Americans drink fresh filter or drip coffee, whereas here in the UK it is still only around 7% and the rest are still on instant. We understand that for many people it is about sticking to what you know, and trying something new can sometimes be daunting. We believe that as long as you are getting good quality coffee you are doing it right - which ever way you want to drink it after that is entirely up to you - and everyone is different!

What's wrong with Instant Coffee?

Start thinking of coffee like you would think of bread and vegetables - it's always best to buy them fresh, right? Then why do so many of us not feel the same way about coffee? The process of making instant coffee is very heavy duty to ensure that it become soluble, and the thought of this process is enough to put most people off.

In terms of taste, instant coffee tends to lack mouthfeel and many of the exciting tasting notes that you would find in varying single origin coffees. Instant coffee is also often made from lower quality beans to lower the cost of manufacturing.

You can also argue that it takes all of the fun out of coffee brewing. There are so many brewing methods to choose from with fresh coffee - and the process of finding your favourite way to make it is all part of the fun.


Getting Started...

To get you started with fresh coffee, you firstly need the right equipment. If you are a complete beginner we would highly recommend one of our Coffee Kits which we have put together for ease for our customers - these kits include coffee brewing equipment with a suitable coffee. Alternatively, you can choose from our top coffee brewing equipment for beginner's:

The Hario V60 is a great little device - essentially a coffee dripper, all you do is place it on top of a cup, place a filter paper inside, scoop the coffee in and pour over hot water. You can follow our detailed instructions here 


Melitta 3-Cup Cafetiere


Cafetieres are a great way to get started with brewing fresh coffee. We would highly recommend our Melitta 3-Cup cafetiere - perfect for brewing for one, and great for experimenting! Find out more Here or browse through our wide range of cafetieres Here


    Most people can agree that the Aeropress is an amazingly smart little device. Along with being lightweight so great for taking out and about! Being so diverse and easy to use there is no questioning why it is such a popular way to make fresh coffee. Find out more Here


    Choosing Your Coffee...

    Now for the fun part: choosing from all of our delicious coffees on offer! Which is a huge change from instant coffee - where most of them taste the same! Choose from a huge selection a flavours and aromas.

    The best way to find a coffee you like is to try and experiment and different ones, and out taster packs are a perfect way to do that. They each include 4 different coffees, you can browse through our taster packs here


    Below we have also put together 3 coffees for each of our recommended brewing methods...

    Hario V60

    Costa Rica Amapola (Medium-Dark): Soft spices and nutty undertones

    Ethiopian Natural Sidamo (Medium): Sweet and bright with rich flavour notes of berries 

    Guatemala Pacayalito (Dark): Smooth and creamy with crisp notes of cherry and subtle chocolate notes


    Brazil Yellow Catuai (Dark)Creamy and heavy coffee with a pronounced caramel taste.

    Cafe Francais Blend (Dark): A smooth blend of nutty Brazilian and chocolatey Honduras

    Colombia Finca Sofia (Medium-Dark): Buttery mouthfeel, sweet acidity with notes of banoffee.


    Sumatra Mandheling (Medium-Dark): An exotic cup with herbal, chocolate, and spicy flavours

    Colombia La Lomita (Dark): Sweet coffee with notes of lemon and almond

    Rwanda Inzovu (Medium): Bright and sweet coffee with citrus and apple notes and hints of vanilla.



    What is "Single Origin Coffee" and What is a "Coffee Blend"?

    Single Origin coffees are coffee beans that are grown in one place. A "Coffee Blend" is a combination of beans from different places. You can read a more detailed explanation Here


    How many cups of coffee will my bag make?

    Our standard 250g bags of coffee will make around 13-15 cups of coffee.


    How long does it stay fresh for?

    If stored correctly your Coffee should stay fresh and keep the majority of it’s flavours and aromas for a month. Coffee is safe to drink for many months after roasting, however your Coffee’s flavour will rapidly decrease after the four week mark.


    You can also read our long list of FAQs Here and we are always here to answer questions if you still have an queries! Contact us Here if you have any more coffee questions/queries - we are always here to help!

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