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Review of the New Melitta Aroma Fresh II Brew & Grind

Review of the New Melitta Aroma Fresh II Brew & Grind

Petra Jones |

As huge coffee lover I'm always looking for the best way (and convenient) to make a delicious cup of coffee. So when we had the chance to try the new Melitta Aroma Fresh II we didn't hesitate. 

Melitta Aroma Fresh II Brew & Grind Look

When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the sleek design of the filter coffee machine. It is incredibly lightweight and takes up minimal counter space. The only potential downside is its tall stature of 46.3cm, which could be an issue in some kitchens. Nevertheless, this machine would be a great addition to any kitchen.

Making Coffee with Melitta Aroma Fresh II

To begin making coffee with the start by filling the tank with the desired amount of water. There are handy marks on the tank to indicate the number of cups you would like to make (remember that a ‘cup’ is much smaller than a typical mug, so you may need more water than you first think). You can make up to 10 cups, or 1.25 litres of coffee.

Next, check that you have enough beans in the grinder at the top and add a coffee filter paper.

Then, use the buttons below the digital display to select your grind size (11 grind settings), the strength (3 settings - mild, medium or strong) and how many cups you want to make (between 2-10). You can also use pre-ground coffee by inserting it straight into the filter section.

Finally, you can set the timer to start brewing at any time. The filter coffee machine switches on at the programmed time and starts the grinding and brewing process automatically.

It's simple as this. 

Tasting the coffee

I love strong cup of coffee and espresso machine is my preferred way to make coffee. However, I found that this machine produces a strong, black cup of coffee that is sure to satisfy your cravings. You have a lot of control over the taste of your coffee, with adjustable grind level and intensity settings, as well as aroma settings to control the level of extraction. It's a great way to experiment and find your perfect cup of coffee.

To get the most out of this machine, make sure you use quality beans. You can also experiment with pre-ground coffee to find your ultimate favourite. All in all, this machine produces really good coffee.


After testing the Melitta AromaFresh II Grind And Brew, I can confidently say that it is an excellent coffee machine. It produces great coffee, is incredibly simple to use, and feels like a luxury item. If you’re looking for a filter coffee machine, this is a great starting point and I think you’ll struggle to find one that beats it.

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