Meet the Team

We are a passionate, friendly team united by our love for everything coffee. There’s nothing more important to us than supplying our customers with the most phenomenal beans to make their perfect brew. We believe in quality coffee from fantastic farmers, using quality equipment and ingredients. 


  Co-founder & Managing Director
The South African man with a plan, he always has a vision. Graham loves rugby, and considers himself a bit of a history geek. Graham loves to explore on walks around the countryside, and of course has a passion for everything coffee! When not at the roastery, Graham loves woodwork, watching zombie movies and being a dad to his two sons. 

Graham’s coffee recommendation is Guatemala Antigua.





The Queen of multitasking here at the roastery, Petra can scoop coffee with one hand and pack with the other. She is mom to Zac & Leo and loves all things culture from theatre to museums and exploring cities. 

Petra’s coffee recommendation is Winter Blend



 Roastery Team Leader & Roaster 


 Magdalena is our roastery ninja and can be found driving the roastery production. Starting her career in coffee shops, she now has a huge passion for coffee and is one of our coffee roasters! Her main love in life is her motorcycles though, she loves to take her bikes out for long rides, chasing the sunset. Her dream is to take her bikes around the world one day! A keen foodie and lover of the film Silence of the lambs! 

Magdalena's coffee recommendation is Ethiopia Natural Djimmah - Medium Dark  


   Customer Relations

Stylish, glam, and obsessed with the colour yellow, Debra enjoys days on the beach and meals in the sun. She has a love for nights out with her crazy friends and family, quirky cars and always reads the last chapter of a book first to check it has a happy ending!

Debra’s coffee recommendation is Honduras Santa Rosa.


Roasting & Roastery Team Leader

 Lisa is our chief bean roaster, and can slay four roasters at once! Mum of six with grandchildren too, Lisa enjoys romantic comedies, long walks, and travelling. 

Lisa’s coffee recommendation is Kenyan Bora Medium Dark  


 An engineer with a love for good music and the film Robocop. James is our resident comedian! He can’t stop himself cracking dad jokes and really wants to write a children's book. James is a ninja in our warehouse, keeping a tight ship and ensuring everything retail goes to our wonderful customers! He has two lovely kids to keep him busy when he's not at work! 
James's coffee recommendation is Ethiopian Sidamo.


Roastery Operative 
Cameron joins us as in the roastery, and is a very keen to learn everything coffee and roasting! When Cameron isn't full speed in the roastery, he enjoys the speed on his mountain bike.... well anything bike and car related really!  Cameron is a keen foodie and also loves to cook and experiment with food at home.  
His favourite film is Wolf of Wall Street! 
Cameron's coffee recommendation is: Nicaragua Matagalpa Dark Roast



  Roastery & Dispatch Operative 
A huge lover of fine arts and literacy translation, Beyhan enjoys cooking, baking and photography! She is a talented painter, and also loves to bake. 
Her favourite film is Three Colours. 
Beyhan's coffee recommendation is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe  


  Roastery Operative 
   Day to day running of the roastery is Angelikas game, and she loves nothing more than keeping busy with customer orders and coffee! Angelika is a huge horse lover, and her ultimate goal is to own one of her own steads one day. When she's not at work, Angelika loves learning about Japanese culture, and colouring in Maldalas. 
Angelika's coffee recommendation is: Brazil Familia Dbarbosa Medium


                    Customer Service & Relations       

 Always smiling and running 100mph, Ausra is our exceptional customer services guru.  From a hospitality background, with a passion for good quality food and drink, Ausra knows her coffee! Ausra likes to keep fit and active and enjoys exploring! When enjoying downtime with her husband and son, she loves nothing more than to curl up with a glass of wine and enjoy survival shows and sci-fi films. 
Ausra's coffee recommendation is: Winter Blend 


  Retail & Commercial Admin Executive

Rosalind keeps our paperwork and office organisation in check with her fabulous plethora of admin and office experience across many sectors. Ros is a real foodie, with love of good food and drink, especially French/Italian foods!
When she's not at the roastery, Ros plays violin in her local orchestra, sings in her local choir and loves walking in the Surrey Hills! Ros has a serious passion for languages, as well as learning modern and traditional calligraphy and crafting. 
Her favourite film is Chocolat!  
Rosalind's Coffee Recommendation is our award winning Cafe Francais!


                 Purchasing & Merchandising           

Alice is our very first Redber Graduate. She comes from a retail background with plenty of passion for coffee. She loves travelling, good food and cosy Sunday's watching films. Her favourite film is about a boy! 
Alice's coffee recommendation is: Colombia Sofia Finca Medium Dark 



          Head Roaster 


  Luigi comes from a strong coffee retail background, and has now joined Redber to learn roasting and further develop his coffee knowledge. Luigi is a foodie and loves to cook, bake and eat. He also loves all things history, cars and travelling! His favourite films are by directors Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill!

Luigi's coffee recommendation is El Salvador Diamante Medium Roast



Coffee Consultant 


Paul joins us from a membership sales background and has a huge passion for everything coffee here at Redber. Paul is a pro at scratch golf, and runs regular marathons. When he's not keeping fit doing parkour, he's striking a pose during a session of hot Bikram Yoga, munching Italian food and walking his dog Teddy.
Pauls favourite film is the Korean version of Old Boy. 

Paul's coffee recommendation is: Monsooned Malabar Medium Dark 



Coffee Consultant 


Liam is our coffee pro, he joins us from a career in coffee and adores looking after our wholesale customers. When he's not working Liam loves nothing more than supporting his local pubs for a decent pint with friends and heading out for a pizza. Liam loves travelling Asia, road cycling, listening to podcasts and has recently taken an interest in growing horticulture for his cottage garden. 
Liam's favourite film is Mamma Mia. 

Liam's coffee recommendation is: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Koke Medium  


Marketing & Design 

  Toni joins us in marketing and design with a keen eye for detail and creative imagery. Her design talent isn't restricted to digital design, as she is also a talented painter! When she isn't at work, Toni likes to spend time with family, watching TV and going to rock-metal gigs.

Toni's favourite TV show is Friends. 

Toni's coffee recommendation is the Brazil Cachoeira Medium Dark.



Warehouse Operative 



Oliver also joins us from a commercial warehouse background with plenty of knowledge and passion for retail. Oliver loves to travel and is a keen nature lover, he thoroughly enjoys exploring the great outdoors. When he's not exploring, Oliver likes to relax whilst watching Netflix with a tasty takeaway or socialising with friends over drinks & nibbles. 

His favourite film is The Big Short

Oliver's coffee recommendation is Caffe Italiano


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David on

Just wanted to say thanks for the incredible coffee and super fast delivery. Ordered yesterday, coffee roasted, posted and I’m drinking it at 9am the following morning! Perfect! Thanks to Magdalena for roasting from a fellow biker. Keep up the good work.
Have a great weekend all.

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