Introducing ROK Espresso Maker

Introducing ROK Espresso Maker

We are super excited about our new addition to coffee makers - the ROK espresso maker. Traditional espresso makers are too fussy, bulky and expensive, the ROK on the other hand is stylish, simple to use and doesn't break your bank, and most importantly makes an amazing espresso!

The espresso maker (then called the Presso) was designed by Patrick, the Creative Director of the company in 1999 who introduced the artwork to the co-shareholders and they loved it and so their journey has began. 

In 2013 after years of improvement, the Presso was renamed to the ROK. 

In 2014 they exhibited at the London Coffee Festival and amazingly won yet another award - ‘Best Product’ of the show, as voted by the people!

Jim from ROK (and our long term customer) came with Patrick earlier this month to our roastery and we made an amazing cup of coffee. 




How to use the ROK espresso maker:

Firstly, we suggest that you pre-warm the ROK. Because it's made of metal, it is quite cold and will make a cold cup of coffee. To star, boil the water and pour it to the chamber to warm up the coffee maker. Ideally, you should warm up the portafilter as well, you can do that by placing it into a cup of hot water. 

Then, grind your coffee to a fine espresso grind, you should grind about 15 grams of coffee. Scoop the coffee into the pre-warmed portafilter and tamp down. 

Make sure the arms of the ROK are completely down. Pour the hot water (about 91-96 C) to the chamber up to the rim. 

Finally, the exciting part - lift the arms of the ROK all the way up until you feel a bit of resistance. Now, press the arms with great force.  

You can achieve 9 - 10 bars easily! 9 - being perfect for espresso!

Press the arms slowly, but make sure you are pressing slowly and evenly aiming for 20-25 second pour. For slightly longer espresso lift the arms up and push out the remaining water in chamber. 


To share our excitement we are offering the ROK espresso maker with a 3 month coffee subscription! 


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