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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Studio Venues (Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow)

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Studio Venues (Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow)

Kiara Maher |

We are so excited to introduce you to one of our loyal customers, Studio Venues!

Studio offer events, meeting and training spaces perfect for any group of colleagues looking for a productive and creative workspace. With their own in-house chefs, Studio Venues only uses locally sourced ingredients for their lunch menus and has a commitment to the environment. Plus, Studio Venues is an independent business owned and managed by its founding directors- meaning they always put their customers first. 

Their dedicated team strive to achieve high customer service standards: all day every day and they want their customers to know that their needs are the most important thing they are dealing with.

Studio venues have four marvellous city centre event sites with the first venue opening in Birmingham in 1999, followed by the second location in Manchester in April 2010, not long followed by Leeds and Glasgow. 
In 2019, Studio Venues wanted to elevate their coffee offering to the highest possible standard for their clients; enter Redber Coffee Roasters!
“The way you start your day really matters to us, that’s why we’ve joined forces with Redber coffee roasters and upgraded all the coffee and machines in our venues, ensuring you start your day off perfectly”.

“We have introduced new bean to cup machines from Redber; Esprecious machines as well as new filter Aurora machines across all locations. Whether your daily grind calls for a latte, mocha, or a simple unadulterated cup of the pure stuff, we have it all brewing for you.”


Coffee beans grown in the nutrient dense volcanic soils of Honduras and the high altitude of the Cachoeira farm combine to make our delicious “Studio blend”. This offers a smooth, aromatic taste experience with chocolatey/nutty undertones. Redber buy directly from source, starting with a delicate green bean which is then roasted to order for us and delivered the next day. This means you’ll always have a fresh coffee experience.

Mouth-watering breakfast spread at Studio Venues. 


Relaxing at the Bar at Studio Venues after work is a great way to unwind.
Studio Venues feature vibrant co-working locations - perfect for inspiring creativity and collaboration. 
We cannot tell you how excited we are to be offering such a great product with a fantastic coffee partner. The buzz around the venues (not only from the caffeine!) is just wonderful. Great taste, ethical sourcing, happy customers... what more could we ask for?!” 
The Studio are offering to Friends of Redber an introduction offer on a first booking at any one of the studio venues, so if you have a meeting need in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds or Glasgow, quote #FriendsOfRedber and receive a further 10% of their best rate.
If you are interested in how Redber Coffee can help your business, please get in touch via: 
Want to check out Studio Venues for your event or to catch up on all their exciting news?
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Image credits: Studio Venues

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