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Coffee Solutions for Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Companies

Coffee Solutions for Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Companies

Petra Suchova |

Why use Fresh Coffee?

Fresh coffee beans or filter ground coffee not only it provides the best flavour, but also an economic benefit. Choosing the right machine and coffee for your business is very important in order to maximise the its potential. 

The following graph shows the potential net profit by using a Jura bean to cup to sell 20 cups of coffee at £2.50 per cup over a span of month to 3 years. 


  1. Sales per cup £2.50 (approximate cost as at 09/02/2019)
  2. Size of coffee cup 10oz (an average sized cup)
  3. Using Jura WE8 with 1L Coll Control
  4. Cost per cup £0.28p (approximate cost as at 09/02/2019)



Choosing a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Automatic Bean to Cup machines are convenient, efficient, easy to use and high capacity, while masking excellent drinks. At the just the touch of a button they can quickly produced highly customised drinks all day.

The key factor to consider in choosing the right bean to cup machine, is how many coffee drinkers you expect to be serving, and whether you want the machine to be plumbed in, or have its own water tank.


Choosing a Filter Coffee Machine

Filter coffee machines offer a fantastic option for those who like a fresh, hot pot of coffee ready to hand. They are great value, and ideal for demand peaks.

Many machines offer a second jug and hot plate, allowing you to have two full jugs on hand.


Choosing a Coffee

Redber has over 50 single origin coffees and blends to choose, each roasted on the day just for your order. You can choose these in any size from 250g bags, right up to cases of 12kg, or small sachets of filter coffee ready to brew.

To help you chose we have selected a range of our coffees we think are particularly suited to each way of brewing.



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